The Great Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar


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The Holy Sage Agathiyar /Agastya
Book I

The Holy Sage Agathiyar /Agastya
Book II

The Holy Sage Agathiyar /Agastya
Book III

The Holy Sage Agathiyar /Agastya
Book IV

The Holy Sage Agathiyar /Agastya
Book V

– Chapter One –

Since Ancient Vedic times Many Stories of Sage Agastya have been widely circulated and Subsequently told by Various Historians and Seers at different times, but the Origin of Sage Agastya is much older than the modern Historians put it in their various Contexts, as he was born upon the ‘Jambudveepa’ of this Planet earth holding the Vital Radiant Consciousness of ‘Adi Ganesha’ in a Human Form per the Eventuated Desire of the Absolute Creator Father ‘Adi Param Shiva’.

The Ancient Vedic Seers of Satyuga Considered Sage Agathiyar, who was also widely known among them as the ‘Kumbha Muni’, as the Radiant Conscious Son of Celestial Nymph Urvashi, who was impregnated by the Vital Conscious Celestial forces of both Vedic Gods ‘Mitra’ and ‘Varuna’, who were the Famous Vedic Gods of ‘Jambudveepa’ during Ancient Vedic Times.

During the Later ‘Treta Yuga’ of Shri Rama’s Times, the Great Sage Agathiyar was widely known among all Seers and Sages like Vashisht, Bhardwaj, Vishvamitra etc. as the Radiant Conscious Son of Maharishi Pulatsya, who during the ‘Treta Yuga’ period travelled far and wide to the Great Continent of ‘Kumari Kandam’ [The Great Continent of Lemuria also known as ‘Mu’], which in those days existed in the Pacific Ocean, and after its Volcanic destruction by the Vedic Fire God Agni, and its subsequent Submerging in the Pacific Ocean its remnants now remain as the Continent of Australia, and the Islands of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka Etc. and various other Pacific Island Countries.

The Great Sage Agathiyar being the Divine Embodiment of ‘Mercury or Budh Consciousness’, which is one of the Nine Houses [Nav Grahas] of Celestial Wisdom in our Solar Universe, from where the 9 Celestial ‘Rays of Intellectuality’ Constantly aid in the Ongoing Arupa [Invisible] and Rupa [Visible] evolution upon this Planet Earth, vitally incarnated in a Human Form upon this planet to Enlighten the Human races.

During the ‘Treta Yuga’s’ Great Battle Episode named as ‘Lanka Kaand’ in the Famous Sanskrit Treatise of ‘Sage Valmiki’ known as the Epic ‘’Ramayana’’, which took place between the Divine Prince Lord Shri Rama of the famed ‘Koshla Empire’ during his ‘Exile Tenure of 14 years’ to stay away from his famed Kingdom and the Mighty Demonic King ‘Ravana’ of Sri Lanka, it was this Great Sage Agastiyar who provided ‘Shri Rama’ the ‘Immortal wisdom of the Solar Universe’ widely known to all the Seers and Sages as the Holy Hymns of the ‘’Aditya Hridiyam’’, which he Gracefully Imparted to the disheartened ‘Lord Shri Rama’ at the battlefield, who being unable to defeat the Mighty King Ravana started having doubts in his mind of ever winning this battle, which was taking place between the ‘Egoistic Evil of Worldly Wise’ Mighty Ravana and the ‘Contentment of Virtues & Righteous Attainments’ which Lord Shri Rama Embodied in his Vital consciousness while living in an Incarnated human form.

The Great Sage Agastya having the vital Radiant Consciousness of ‘Adi Ganesha’ was the Main Promoter of the ‘Mother Tamil Language’ upon this Planet Earth, and thus was Instrumental of Reestablishing this Great Ancient Language of Siddhas upon the many remaining Island Remnants of the disappeared Continent of ‘Kumari Kandam’ as well as in the ‘Dravid Vrata’ area of the ‘Bharat Khanda’.

In all the holy efforts of the Sage Agathiyar for reestablishing the ‘Mother Tamil Language’, the Other Desire Mind Son of ‘Param Shiva’, Lord Kartikeya having the ‘Mangal or Mars Consciousness of ‘Mitra Avatar Narsimha’ who to save Bhagat Praladha destroyed Demon Hiranyakashpa in the city of ‘Moolsthana’ [Multan in Punjab] which was situated upon the banks of ‘Chandra Bhagha’ River [Modern day Chenab River] and who is also widely known among the Tamil Seers and Sages with many other names on this Planet Earth as the Lord Murgan, Kartikeya, Sanat Kumara, Subramaniyam, Shanmukha Etc. also fully Supported him.

After the destruction of the Great Continent of Kumari Kandam, during the reestablishment of Tamil Language in the South Indian part of ‘Arya Vrata’ later known as the Area of ‘Dravid Vrata’, the Great Lord Shiva himself appeared in a temporal form of a Supreme Teacher known as ‘Lord Dakshina Murthi’, His very name meaning the ‘South Facing Lord’ to enhance the vital wisdom of Sage Agastya in the wilderness of ‘Mahadeva Giri’, a Blissful place of Tranquility which is situated in the western Ghats of South India. This Holy place of Physical Earth currently exists in the Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu India. This Tirunelveli district has also other holy places related to the Radiant life of Sage Agathiyar Especially the ‘Papanasha Teertha’ meaning the ‘Holy Pilgrimage place for Abolishing Sins’, Situated near the ‘Agathiyar Falls’ which are thus named after the Holy Sage Agastya who Ventured in this Area of Great Spiritual Importance, and the ‘Kalyani Teertham’ meaning the ‘Holy Pilgrimage place of Attainments’.

After the appearance of ‘Lord Dakshina Murthi’ in this area and his subsequent discourses of Divine Celestial Wisdom, the Dravidian Language of ‘Mother Tamil’ was properly reestablished in the ‘Dravid Vrata’ by both ‘Budh Wisdom Sage Agathiyar’ and ‘Mars Consciousness Lord Murgan’, in which Lord Murgan also commonly referred to as ‘Kumara’ due to his Princely nature extended his full support to the divine Mercurial wisdom holder Great Sage Agathiyar.

The Embodied form of ‘Param Shiva’ Consciousness manifested as the Supreme Teacher ‘Lord Dakshina Murthi’ along with his consort named Shenbhaga, a name which belongs to the vital Consciousness of the Mother Goddess ‘Devi Parvati’ then addressed all the Seers and Sages who especially gathered for this Grand Occasion, who under the Guidance and Patronage of Sage Agathiyar formulated a Siddha Group named the ‘Sangam’, and since then the Great Sage Agathiyar is considered by all Seers and Sages as the founder establisher of the ‘Tamil Shaiv Siddhanta Sangam’ upon this planet Earth.

The Great Sage Agathiyar being an Radiant Embodiment of the Vital Consciousness of ‘’Adi Ganesha’’ was also blessed to be partaker of the all the ‘Agamic Wisdom’, which apart from him was shared by the ‘Param Adi Shiva’ Only with the Cosmic Mother. All Siddha Wisdom of Perfections [Siddhis] vitally existing as the ‘Supernatural Energy Frequency Vibrations’ in the Infinite Universe comes out of the wisdom of these Agamic Texts, spoken at the very beginning of all Creations and manifestations, which were vitally manifested Subjectively and Objectively in the Ethereal Nebulae of the Cosmic Egg [Brahmanda] by the desire mind of ‘Param Adi Shiva’, thus vitally formulating the 5 Rays of intellectual activity and their various Innumerable ‘Permutations and Combinations’ which caused all sorts of Cosmic Geometries of innumerable frequencies in the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

Sage Agathiyar based upon his attained knowledge and wisdom, which was bestowed upon him by the Grace of the Great Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ then composed a great number of Agamic Texts in the ‘Mother Tamil’ which also included the treatise of ‘Dvaidha Nimaya Tantra’.

Lord Dakshina murthi through the dutiful services of Sage Agathiyar thus revived in the ‘Dravid Vrata’ of ‘Bharat Khanda’, the Advanced Ancient knowledge of Siddha’s known as ‘The Wisdom of Celestial Perfections’, which included the wisdom of the most ancient 10 Shivogamas in their Three Fold qualities [Tri Gunas – viz Satvik, Rajsik, & Tamsik] thus creating the 30 treatise of Shivoagamas in Mother Tamil Language [10 Shivogamas x 3 Gunas aspects in Each of them = 30
Treatises of Shivoagamas].

At the Start of Creation in the unfathomable Ancient times of this Solar Universe, the holder and Embodiment of all ongoing Spiral forces, the Great Life Giver Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ utilizing the 5 Rays of Intellectual Activities in this Solar Universe uttered this divine wisdom from his Five Manifested faces of which each one He manifested at a particular Angular Point utilizing one of the 5 Rays of Intellectual Activities. The Five Faces of ‘Adi Param Shiva’ thus consist of the 4 angular faces collectively named as the ‘Chatur Kona’ – Viz ‘Nairutya Kona’, ‘Agni Kona’, ‘Ishana Kona’ & ‘Vayu Kona’ and the One Central Face in their middle].

This Ultimate wisdom was uttered first from his Central Point Middle Face [Para Bindu Mukh] formulating the ‘Force of Desire’ [Ichha Shakti] to Express Himself as the ‘’Divine Light’’ in the ensuing ‘’Darkness’’ of the egg shaped ‘Enclosed Universal Nebulae’ so that all Types of Intellectual Activities can Subjectively and Objectively start to Gradually take Place as per his ‘Desired Wishes’ known as ‘Divya’ [Holy] ‘’Bhava’’ [Sentiments] in Sanskrit Language, which were the Ensuing basis of the ‘Radiant Force of the Manifested Divine Light’ [Brahma Jyoti] termed as the ‘Rays of Intellectual Activities’. This Central face of the ‘Adi Param Shiva’ was termed by the Great Sage Agastiyar as the Radiant ‘Aghora’ face of the ‘Adi Param Shiva’ in the Established Siddha Sangam Group.

The Great Sage Agathiyar in his Holy Treatise of the Ancient Mother Tamil duly explained to the Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Siddha Sangam’ that through This Central Face of ‘Aghora’, the Great Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ Radiated Outward his ‘Adwaita’ or the ‘One Undivided Vital Consciousness’ to Become Many in various Innumerable Subjective [Arupa] and Objective [Rupa] Forms, which has been later written by many other Seers and Sages in Sanskrit words of Enlightenment stated as the ‘Eko Ham Bahu Shyam’ Meaning ‘I Am One and Wish to be Many’.

As the Radiant Force of Intellectual Activities can only Move Forward in the Entire Egg Shaped Nebulae Ethereal Space of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda] only through the Continuing Aspects of a Spiral Motion, and also can Infinitely Continue Forward Only in a Counter Clock wise manner, the Adi Param Shiva then manifested his Second face in the ‘’Nairutya Kona’’ to utter the ‘Ultimate Wisdom of Perfections’ which is the South West Corner in the Ethereal Space of the
Cosmic Egg shaped Infinite Universe.

This Nairutya Kona face of the ‘Adi Param Shiva’ was termed by the Great Sage Agathiyar as ‘Saddhojaat’, in which the Sanskrit word ‘Saddho’ meaning ‘Formulated Perfections’, and ‘Jaat’ meaning ‘Birthed’, thus ‘Sadhojaat’ face meaning the face ‘Giving Birth to all Siddhis’ or the ‘’Birth Place of All Perfections’’. This ‘Saddhojaat’ face of ‘Adi Param Shiva’ thus became the source of all the 10 Shivoagamas, and also the basis of the ‘10 Great Universal Knowledges’ known in Sanskrit as the
‘Das Maha Vidyas’.

In the case of this Planet Earth of our Manifested Solar Universe, these Ten Great Knowledge’s of Wisdom pertaining to ‘Secrets of Cosmos’ were transferred through the Transforming Intermediary Energies of the Gradually Growing New Moon of the Shukla Paksha [Bright Fortnight], so this divine ‘Saddhojaat’ face of ‘Adi Param Shiva’ was depicted by the Great Sage Agathiyar having a Crescent Moon upon his head, as well as the 10 corresponding Energies [Devi Shaktis] of the Das Maha Vidyas were also similarly depicted having a Crescent Moon’s upon their respective Heads.

After giving Birth to ‘Vital Frequencies of Perfection’ in the ‘Nairutya Kona’, of the Cosmic Egg [Brahmanda], the Absolute Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ vitally manifested his Third Face in the ‘Agni Kona’ of the Cosmic Nebulae Egg, which is the South East Corner of the Cosmic Ethereal Space in the Universe. This angular Ethereal space of Vedic God Agni, originally created by the ‘Adi Param Shiva’ himself, is the Angular area having resulting culminations of ‘Fiery Ethers of Pleasures and Passions’ and through this manifested Third face the Great Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ uttered the 18 wisdoms of ‘All Pervading Fire’ [Shashwat Agni], which are known as the 18 Rudra Agamas, whereas the Sanskrit word ‘Rudra Agama’ means the ‘Divine Knowledge pertaining to the Vital Fiery Aspects of the Subjective and Objective Universe’.

This Agni Kona face of the ‘Adi Param Shiva’ was termed by the Great Sage Agathiyar as ‘Vaam Dev’, in which the Sanskrit word ‘Vaam’ means ‘Formulating Pleasures’ which are of Utmost Importance and Vitally Required for all the Subjective [Arupa] and Objective [Rupa] Manifested Creations to continue and carry on the Vital Evolutionary Process duly established upon the various dimensions of this Planet Earth through the utilization of ‘Replication process of Involution’ [Vital Ethereal Spirit Gradually entering into various densities of Matter] and the Subsequent Evolution [Vital Ethereal Spirit Gradually evoking out from all the bondages of the various densities of Matter], and ‘Dev’ means the Formulating and Birthing ‘Angelic Being’ with an Authority to Control the Various aspects of Ongoing Involution and Evolution Process.

During the Incarnated Life of a Human Being, in the Human Ethereal Form [Pranmay Kosha], the Life Producing ‘Sacral Center’ known in Sanskrit as the ‘Svadhishthaan Chakra’ also continuously has this ‘Vaam’ Sound in the Lotus Shaped Fast Moving Vortex of Vital Energy, in which the Lotus shaped Energy Petals of Vital Force are Formed due to Continuous Basket Weave interaction of the Vertically Interacting Cosmic Electric Energies and this Planet Earth’s Horizontally Flowing Magnetic Energies, manifesting during the life cycle of an incarnated Vital life living upon this Planet Earth as an Materially Formed Human Being.

To be continued…

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