Vashisht VaidMr. Vashisht Vaid was born in a Hindu Mohyal Brahmin family in Delhi India, and since childhood being a student of science, he has been interested in the esoteric knowledge about this great Brahmanda [universe]. During his life he has personally come across various thousands of years old higher dimensional great ancient Siddha’s and Maharishi’s, who can take a physical form at their desired “Will”. Mr. Vashisht Vaid also visited the esoteric Kailash Mountain of Tibet China in 2002, and currently lives in New Jersey U.S.A. He has also participated in the Millennial Prayer as an invited guest to the Thanks-Giving Square Foundation in Dallas, Texas.

Letter from Former United States President Jimmy Carter

Letter from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of the Hope of the World Ministries
Letter from The Hope of the World Ministries, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, accepting the gift of Vashisht Vaid’s book with gratitude.

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