Chapter 11

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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 11

After Explaining about the ‘First Higher Dimensional Eye World’ [Prathama Urdhava Chakshu Loka] of the Six Higher Dimensional Worlds [Shashtam Urdhava Chakshu Lokas], the Great Sage Agathiyar further started to Explain to all the gathered Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, about the Rest of 5 Higher Dimensional Eye Worlds, which All Vitally Exist Manifested in the Unfathomably Huge Egg Shaped Parametric Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], which All also Got Manifested through the ‘Parametric Interpenetrations’ of ‘Adjacent Dimensional Worlds’, just by the ‘’Willed Desire’’ [Bhava] Vitally Eventuated Out of the ‘Contemplating Mind’ of the ‘One and Only’ Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

[2] Second Dimensional Eye World – The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Disclosed to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that this ‘Second Higher Dimensional Eye World’ is Formulated due to Interpenetration of the 3 Upper Ethereal Levels of the ‘Bhava Loka’ [Liquid Magnetic ASTRAL WORLD, or YETZIRAH WORLD of Intense SENTIMENTS, FEELINGS, & EMOTIONS], and the 4 Lower Ethereal Levels of the Next Higher Dimensional World of ‘Sva or Svarga Loka’ [Heavenly Dimensional World of the ‘Triloka’ or of the Three Higher Dimensional Worlds of Differentiated Denser Matter, in which the ‘Sva Loka’ have its Own 7 Dimensional Levels, and all 7 Levels of the ‘Sva Loka’ have been collectively Termed by the Exalted Conscious Ancient Seers and Sages as ‘The Seven Heavens’], thus in Totality this Second Dimensional Eye World [Dvitiyam Urdhava Chakshu Loka] also have the Seven Differentiated Levels [4 of Sva Loka + 3 of Bhava Loka = 7 Levels], which vitally compose this Dimensional Eye World.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further added, that In this Important Dimensional World, the Majority of the ‘Dimensional Level Ethereal Matter’ is Composed of All Types of ‘Thoughts’ Forming ‘Dense Ethereal Electric Matter’, and such an Important Reason is due to the 4 Interpenetrating Lower Ethereal levels of the Next Higher Dimensional World of ‘Sva Loka’ also known as ‘Svarga Loka’ [Heavenly World, Briah], which being Composed of the ‘Electric Gaseous Ethereal Matter’ stay Embodied as the ‘4 Higher Dimensional Levels’ of this ‘Second Dimensional Eye World’.

The Great Sage also Informed the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that the 3 Lower Levels of this ‘Dimensional World’ are Composed of ‘Rarer Ethereal Liquid Magnetic Matter’, Which Working with the Ensuing and Formulated ‘Thought Forms’ Originating in the Levels of ‘Sva Loka’, then Vitally Originate the Formulation of All Emotions, Sentiments, and Feelings [Bhava], which being of ‘Liquid Magnetic Compositions’ are of ‘Utmost Importance’ for All Vital Conscious Existence’s [Beings, Entities, Geometrical and Numerical, and All Other Types of Vital Conscious Existences Etc.] to Gradually Attain the Required ‘Spiritual Experience’ through the Ongoing ‘Evolutionary Process’, Originally Mandated by the ‘Willed Desires’ [Bhava] of the ‘One and Only’ Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda]. The Important Work of Manifesting the Emotional and Sentimental Liquid Magnetic Forms [Bhava Chetna] corresponding to the already Formulated ‘Thought Forms’ Composed of ‘Ethereal Electric Matter’ is done by the Various Groupings of those ‘Conscious, Semi-Conscious, and Unconscious’ Vital Elemental Essence Lives known as the ‘Agni Suryas’ [Fiery Elemental Essence Lives of Golden Radiance], about whom much has been Already Previously Disclosed.

The Great Sage Further Informed the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’ that the ‘Dense Ethereal Electric Matter’ of this ‘Second Dimensional Eye World’, is Vitally Embodied by a Higher Group of ‘Vital Elemental Essence Lives’, who All Existing as the EXTREMELY TINY ELEMENTAL ‘’RAY LIVES’’ are Collectively known as the ‘Agni Shvethas’ [Fiery Elemental Essence Lives of Whitish Hue].

The Great Sage Further added, that In the Manifested Three Upper Dimensional Worlds [Traiya Urdhava Lokas] of ‘Triloka’, out of All the Vitally Manifested ‘Fiery Elemental Essence Life Groups’, these ‘Agni Shvethas’ are of the Highest Hierarchical Order, as they through Various Permutation and Combinations Formulate those ‘Thought Forms’ which are a Part and Parcel of the ‘Evolving Mind’, which also Vitally Exist in ‘Two Differentiated Layers’ due to its Dwaita Aspect [Cosmic Duality], which Vitally Manifested out of the Adwaita aspect [Undivided Cosmos], which is the ‘Unfathomable Mind’ of the One and Only Great Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar further Informed the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that out of the Two Differentiated Layers, Which all ‘Evolving Minds’ of Universe Vitally Possess, One Layer being the ‘Upper Layer’ Termed by the Exalted Conscious Ancient Seers and Sages as ‘The Higher Self’ Formulate those Particular ‘Thought Forms’ which relate Evolving Vital Consciousness’ of ALL BEINGS & ENTITIES to All ‘Spiritual Actions and Reactions’, and the Other Layer being the ‘Bottom or Outer Layer’ Termed by the Exalted Conscious Ancient Seers and Sages as ‘The Lower Self’ Formulate those ‘Thought Forms’, which relate Evolving Vital Consciousness of ALL BEINGS & ENTITIES to All ‘Material Actions and Reactions’.

The Great Sage, Agathiyar Further added, that All Vital Conscious Existence’s including the Incarnated Human Beings of this Planet Earth [Prithvi Greha], who All have been Gracefully Bestowed upon with the Divine Vital Conscious Attribute of an ‘Individualized Mind’ by their Most Gracious, One and Only Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, So they all can Vitally Perform Certain Vital Conscious Action-Reactions according to their Mind’s ‘Desired Wills’, acting as the ‘Co-Creators’ in their Own Dimensional Worlds. But All of Them are Vested Only with ‘Limited Powers’ to Perform such ‘Action-Reactions’, Except the Great Avatars [Divine Beings], Who Incarnate by the ‘Willed Desires’ of the Great Father Lord as His ‘Diplomatic Emissaries’ [Ishvariya Dootas] with ‘Supernatural Powers’ and all ‘Diplomatic Immunities’ to Vitally Exist as ‘Ordinary Looking Beings’ with ‘Extra Ordinary Powers’ to Perform Various Roles among these Dimensional Worlds with a Desired Goal to Mend All Evolutionary Irregularities. These ‘Avatars’ [God Conscious Incarnates] of the Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ Appear, whenever a Need Arises to Correct the ‘Evolutionary Fallibilities and Wrong Progressions’, which For Any Reason May Happen during the Course of an Ongoing Evolution, Upon an EVOLUTIONARY PLANET, or in a ‘SOLAR UNIVERSE’ [ADITYA MANDALA], or in the ‘ENTIRE EVOLUTIONARY ARM’ [SAMASTHA BHUJA MANDALA] of an ‘EVOLUTIONARY GALAXY’ [CHETNA VRIDDHI BRAHMANDA MANDALA].

The Great Sage Further Informed the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that when ‘Ordinary Beings’ Acting as Co-Creators with Limited Capacities, Vitally Perform their Willed Desire Action-Reactions, they can Either Spiritually ‘Help or Hurt’ their Evolving Souls [Atama] by Performing Such Action-Reactions. They All having ‘Free Will’ Capacities can Vitally Help their Evolving Souls [Atama] by Gradually Attaining Spiritual Experience’s, which are Direly Needed by their Gradually Evolving Souls [Atama], to Vitally Gain their Desired Liberations [Mukti] from the Worldly Bondages of ‘Triloka’, or May Knowingly or Unknowingly Cause a GREAT DAMAGE & IRREVOCABLE LOSS, to their EVOLUTIONARY ‘SOUL’, With FOOLISH ACCUMULATION of ‘’MATRIX RELATED MATTER’’ [PARIPANCHA YUKTHA PADARTHA], thus WASTING the GIVEN EVOLUTIONARY TIME PERIOD, of their PRECIOUS CYCLIC LIVES.

The Great Sage Agathiyar added, that as per as the ‘Agama Wisdom’ of the Creator Father Lord uttered by His Five Divine Faces [Pancha Mukha], upon which are Based All the ‘Siddha Traditions’, which Vitally Exist upon this Planet Earth [Prithvi Greha] since Very Ancient Times, thus for the Attainment of Spiritual Experiences, one ‘Do Not Need’ any Special Actions of ‘Religious Observances’, but can be ‘Easily Obtained in Ordinary Daily Life’, by Just Simply Doing ‘Unselfish Good Deeds’ to Help Others, thus Upholding the ‘One and Only’ Universal Law of ‘Will to Do Good’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar further Explained, that an Incarnated Being can also Unknowingly Vitally Hurt and ‘Irrevocably Damage’ the Integral Consciousness of His Evolving Soul [Atama], if his Desired Will Actions are Truly just of Materialistic Nature, as All Such Attained ‘Material Experiences’ related to ‘Various Selfish Passions’ are Considered as ‘Garbage’ and thus ‘Shunned’ by the Evolving Soul [Atama], and if that ‘Incarnated Being’ during his Vital Life Cycle, till its Very End Goes on Indulging in Such Actions of Materialistic Nature, He Causes a ‘Great Loss’ to His Evolving Soul [Atama], as the Incarnated ‘Foolish Being’ Vitally stuck in the Material World Desires, never becomes Aware of this Important and Undeniable Fact [Vishesha Tathya], that his Embodied Vital Consciousness [Jeevaatama], in the First Place was Vitally Sent by His Soul [Atama] as a ‘Tiny Conscious Investment’, to Incarnate with a Physical Body in the Dense Dimensional World [Physical World], and Gradually Go on Accumulating and Attaining Various Types of ‘Maximum Spiritual Experiences’ during the Tenure of his Incarnated Life, so that the Evolving Soul can Finally Attain the ‘Desired Liberation’ [Mukti] from all the Anchoring Bondages of ‘Triloka’, and then Vitally Proceed Upward while Mounted upon the Ascending Arc of Evolutionary Spiral, to Vitally Enter in the Parametric Ethereal Space [Akasha] of the Next Higher Dimensional World after the ‘THREE WORLDS’ [TRILOKA] to Gracefully Attain the ‘Reward of Salvation’ [Moksha, Nirvana].

The Great Sage Agathiyar further added, that All Action- Reactions performed through ‘Willed Desires’ by the Incarnated Invisible [Arupa] and Visible [Rupa] Beings having the Vital Attributes of ‘Free Will’, acting as the Co-Creators with Limited Powers in their own Dimensional Worlds, thus come under the Jurisdiction of ‘KARMA’ [Universal Mandate of Action-Reactions]. And as far as the ‘Incarnated Avatars’ [Divine Beings] of the ‘One and Only’ Great Father Lord of the Universe [Brahmanda] are Concerned, they All are EXEMPT’ from All Rules and Regulations of ‘KARMA’, as they All having ‘Great Lord’s Supernatural Energies’ by Directly Incarnating in a Dimensional World, through the ‘Willed Desire Mind Energy’ of the Great Father Lord, Vitally Perform their Intended Duties, by Faithfully Correcting the ‘Evolutionary Irregularities’ Acting through ‘Various Type of Roles’ by Living through Thick and Thin, so that the ‘Ongoing Evolution’ Does not Abruptly Ends. But if their All Efforts Utterly Fail Due to Unforeseeable Reasons, Especially of ‘No Support’ from the Evolving Beings of that Dimensional World, then the Ongoing Evolutionary Cycle Abruptly Comes to a ‘Total Halt’ with ‘Utmost Undesired Results’ for All Evolutionary Entities and Beings, which through ‘Chain Reactions’ also ‘Gravely Effects’ the Ongoing Evolution of All Other Dimensional worlds, who are Interrelated through their Interpenetrating Parametric Ethereal Space [Akasha].

The Great Sage Also Gracefully Disclosed a Great Secret Fact [Athi Ghuytam Tathya], to the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that All Types of ‘Fiery Essence Elemental Lives’ of the Entire Infinite Universe [Brahmanda] including all those who Embody the Vital Consciousness of the 5 Rays of Intellectual Activities, which all Vitally Got Manifested Just by the Uttering of the ‘Vaamdev Mukha [Divine Face For Providing Bliss and Enduring Happiness to All], which is the Second Divine Face of the One and Only Great Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, Vitally Exist in the Body of Cosmic Lord ‘Rudra Agni’ which in fact is a later Incarnation of the One and Only Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of Infinite Universe [Brahmanda]. This Divine Uttering from ‘Vaamdeva Mukha’ at the very Start of ‘ADWAITA’ [Undivided] Differentiating into ‘Dwaita’ [Dualities] in the Parametric Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] of Infinite Universe Vitally Took Place in the ‘Agni Kona’ [South East Fiery Corner] of Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], thus all these Vitally Manifested ‘Fiery Essence Elemental Lives’ of All Types Automatically comes under the Jurisdiction of the Vedic God ‘Agni’ [LORD OF FIRE].

The Great Sage Agathiyar further Added, that for this Very Reason, all the ‘Oblations’ Devotionally Performed as Various Types of ‘Fire Sacrifices’ [Yajnas], are Offered through the Intermediation of Vedic God ‘Agni’, which being an undiluted ‘Spiritual Practice’, Since the Immemorial Ancient Times has been ‘Faithfully and Devotionally’ Carried out in All Dimensional Worlds, since their Vital Inceptions in the Parametric Ethereal Space of ‘Maha Akasha’, to Vitally Co-Exist in the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

The Great Sage Agathiyar also further Disclosed to ‘Tamil Sangam’, that about this Most Secret Knowledge [Athi Ghuya Gyanam] of Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], the Great Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ Himself, also Hinted about these Important Vital Information’s, which are related to the Various Types of Extremely Tiny ‘Fiery Elemental Essences’, in the Great Wisdom Treatise’s of ‘Aagneya Rudragama’, as well as in ‘Mukhabimba Rudragama’, Which both were Gracefully Uttered through His ‘Vaamdeva Mukha’ also known as His Divine ‘Third Face’, Vitally Manifested by His ‘Utmost Grace’ in the ‘Agni Kona Maha Akasha’ [South East Angular Ethereal Space] of Brahmanda [Infinite Universe].

To Be Continued…

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