Chapter 22

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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 22

The Great Sage Agathiyar, after Giving Various Information’s about the 7th Lower Dimensional World of ‘Patala’ {[‘PA’ [FOUNDATION or FOUND] ‘TALA’ [LEVEL]} to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, then Gracefully added ‘Some More Points’ of Great Importance about this Lowest World [Nimantam Adho Loka, Tala], by Disclosing to the Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that in this Great World of the Venerated Serpent King Shesha Naga, and His Intellectual Children, known as the Wise ‘Vidyadharas’ {[‘VIDYA’ [KNOWLEDGE & ATTAINABLE WISDOM] ‘DHARAS’ [HOLDERS]}, who Jointly Share the First 4 Dimensional Levels of this Lowest Dimensional World with the Serpent King ‘Vasuki Naga’, and His Children named ‘Vasu’s {[The Title Name ‘VASU’, Having Combination of Two Subjective Sanskrit Syllables ‘VA’[RICH], & ‘SU’ [GOOD QUALITIES], thus in the SANSKRIT LANGUAGE, Widely Means & Denotes ‘THE ESTABLISHING DWELLER’S OF ALL SUBJECTIVE & OBJECTIVE FORMS’, in the DIMENSIONAL WORLD’S Manifested ‘LIFE MATRIX’ [JEEVAN PARIPANCHA], of an EVOLUTIONARY PLANET, Like this PLANET EARTH, and there are ‘8 MAIN CATEGORIES’ of these ‘VASUS’, Who are Collectively Called by the Exalted Conscious PROPHETS, SEERS & SAGES, as the ‘ASHTHA VASUS’, Who Widely Utilize in their DUTIFUL WORKS, the ‘8 TYPES OF PERFECTIONS’, Called the ‘ASHTHA SIDDHIS’, and Each of these 8 GROUPS OF ‘ASHTHA VASUS’, By GRACEFULLY MIMICKING the IMPORTANT NUMBER ‘8’ OF INFINITY, thus Have Further 8 SUB GROUPS, thus TOTALLING into a Grand Total ESTABLISHER GROUP of ‘64 VASUS’ [8 x 8 = ‘64’]], they All Worship the Illuminated Form of Lord ‘Ishvara’ [Hari Vishnu, Adonai, Venkatesh, Vasudeva], which He Himself Vitally Incarnated for this World, who is ‘None Other’ but the Second Differentiated Conscious Aspect of the Same ‘One and Only’ Great Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of the Universe [Brahmanda], Who Gracefully Taught them All, the Vital Important Secrets, which are related to the Material Science of ‘Artificial Light’ [Kriritrim Prakasha], which is Direly Needed in this Lowest Dimensional World.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further added, that the Great Lord ‘Ishvara’ [Hari Vishnu, Adonai, Venkatesh, Vasudeva] Gracefully Taught them All, the Effloresce [Jyotirmaya Shashi Bhanti Prakasha] Qualities of ‘Various Crystals’, which are Collectively Termed as the ‘Jewels’ by the Seers and Sages. These Crystals known as ‘Jewels’ [MANI RATNAM], which also Relatively ‘Grow in their Sizes’ just as all other Vital ‘Living Things’ Grow during their Life Cycles, are Vitally Composed of those Mineral Matters, which are of the ‘Purest Kinds’, having the Highly Evolved States of ‘Attained Consciousness’, among their Manifested Mineral Group Categories, Which all also Gradually Evolve, but at a much Slower Pace compared to All other ‘Objectively Manifested’ Evolutionary Vital Conscious Existences of the Universe, Who all Vitally Evolve Manifested in their own Dimensional Worlds [Loka Evam Talas], while Situated in the ‘Established Spiral’, Gradually Evolving and Proceeding Forward through the Various Hierarchical Steps of the Great Evolutionary Ladder, which INVISIBLE SPIRALING LADDER OF ALL Ongoing INVOLUTION’S & EVOLUTION’S, also DUTIFULLY WORKS in VITAL CONJUNCTION, with the FORWARD MOTION ‘INVISIBLE SPACE WEB’ [ADRISHYA AKASHIK JAAL], Which SPACE WEB Vitally Existing throughout the Parametric Enclosure of this INFINITE UNIVERSE, While DUTIFULLY GOVERNING Various LIFE CYCLES of ALL SUBJECTIVELY & OBJECTIVELY Manifested ‘GALAXIES’ [BRAHMANDA MANDALAS], and their CORRESPONDING ‘BLACK HOLES’ [KAALA MUKHAS], thus under the Unexplainable Management of SUPREME LORD ‘ISHA’ [HARI VISHNU, ADONAI, VENKATESH, VASUDEVA], Also Gracefully Provide the DESIGNATED SPACES, For the CYCLIC INVOLUTION’S & EVOLUTION’S of NEW ‘GALACTIC NEBULAS’ [BRAHMANDA MANDALA GARBHADHANA KENDRAS], in this GRAND EXPERIMENT of GRADUAL CONSCIOUS EXPANSION’S, Simply Known as the ‘INFINITE UNIVERSE’ [ANANTHA BRAHMANDA].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Explained to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that all these Mineral Crystals known as ‘Jewels’ also Emit ‘Artificial Light’, when the Concentrated Amounts of ‘Vidyut Shakti Kirnaya Taranga’ [Frequency Rays of Electricity], Sourced out of the Magnetic Watery Materials [Chumbakiya Apas Padartha] of this World are Vitally applied to them. So all the Residents of ‘Patala’ Gracefully Wear Various Types of Jewels [Mani Ratnam] upon their Bodies, which Emit ‘Enough Light’, so that they All can ‘Freely Move Around’ at Any Time, to Properly Perform their Given Duties, as well as Enjoy their Life in Many Ways, while Living in this Beautiful World of ‘Flowing Waters’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, also Gracefully Disclosed to the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that these Crystal Jewels, Vitally Existing in their Purest States, can also be able to ‘Vitally Store Various Types of Information’s’, when they are properly Cut, polished and Properly Utilized in their Geometrical Shapes, which are Vitally Retained after these Information’s are ‘Vitally Fed’ to them through ‘Chumbkiya’ [Magnetic] ‘Mantra’ Sound Frequencies, and ‘Vidyut’ [Electric] Light energies of Agni [Fire], which both are the Dwaita [Duality] Aspects of the Same One ‘Rudra Agni’ [The Fire Manifested by the Later Incarnation of ‘Adi Param Shiva’, known as the Venerated ‘Rudra’ among all Seers and Sages], which is also termed by the Seers and Sages of this ‘PHYSICAL WORLD’ [BHU LOKA, ASSIAH], of PLANET EARTH, as the Vedic God ‘Agni’, when it Vitally Exists in its Peaceful State, to Provide ‘Bliss’ to its Worshipers.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Informed the Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the Use of Pure Mineral Crystals in ‘Ayurveda’ [Science of Curing and Prolonging Incarnated Life], and in all its Related Medicines is ‘Highly Recommended’ upon this Planet Earth [Prithvi Greha], and when these Mineral Crystals should be Vitally used while Making Various Types of Medicines, they should be Vitally Utilized along with the Proper Infusion of the ‘Fire Light Energies’ [Rudra Agni Prakasha Urjas] in them, which could be Gracefully Attained by the Proper use of ‘Agni’ [Holy Fire] or the Proper Quantities of the ‘Sun Rays’, along with the Proper use of ‘Magnetic Sound Energies’ [Chumbakiya Shrutti Urjas] through the Proper Recitation of the ‘Holy Mantras’, which are Mystical Formulas of Sound Seeded Syllable Sounds [Beeja Mantras], which upon their Recitations create those ‘Frequency Vibrations’, which Appropriately Gather all those ‘Invisible Elemental Live Essences’ of Tatvas [Five Basic Elements], which are Vitally Needed to Manifest the Desired Results, which when thus imbedded in Medicines [Ayushadhi], which are already Properly Mixed with the Fine Crystal Essence‘s, thus having all the Coded ‘Vital Information’s’ of Sound [Mantras] and Light Energy [Flaming Agni], which both are Vitally Needed for the Performance of All Required Actions-Reactions, to Remedy the ‘Various Diseases’ [Anek Prakara Roga] through these Properly Mixed Crystal Parts of the Medicines, thus do their Miraculous Effects of Curing and Prolonging Incarnated Life.

The Great Sage Agathiyar thus again Concluded, that as far as this Lowest Dimensional World of ‘Patala’ {[‘PA’ [FOUNDATION or FOUND] ‘TALA’ [LEVEL]} was Concerned, it was here in its First Four Dimensional levels, which are Vitally Governed by The Great Serpent King ‘Vasuki Naga’, the Favorite Serpent of ‘Great Lord Maheshvara’, where the Beautiful Daughters of Daityas and Danvas [Hierarchical Demons] enriched with Fragrant Perfumes, Wander around in their Glamorous Fittings of Wonderful Enchantments, Fascinating All the Onlookers, and the Sons of Snake God ‘Danu’ enjoy Great Variety of Delicious Foods and Rich Wines, and thus Everywhere in ‘Patala’ {[‘PA’ [FOUNDATION or FOUND] ‘TALA’ [LEVEL]}, One can Greatly Enjoy the ‘Peaceful Rhythmic Music’, which Fills the Air of this Lowest Dimensional World.

To Be Continued…