Chapter 30

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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 30

The Great Sage Agathiyar, After Gracefully Explaining about All the 27 Dimensional Worlds of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], to the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, then Gracefully also Informed them an ‘Important Fact’ [Vishesha Tathya], which is Vitally Related to this Objectively Manifested ‘Planet Earth’ [Prithvi Greha] of this Particular Solar Universe [Aditiya Mandala], which Vitally Exists ‘Objectively Manifested’ and Continuously Proceeding Forward upon the ‘Evolutionary Spiral’, in the Parametric Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] of the Enormous Size ‘Milky Way Galaxy’ [Ksheer Sagara Brahmanda Mandala], which itself is Just a ‘Tiny Part’ of the ‘GREAT ORGAN GROUP’ [MAHA SAMHUA ANGA], Which ‘GROUP’ [SAMHUA] Itself is VITALLY COMPOSED of ‘MANY INTERRELATED GALAXIES’ [ANEKA SAMBANDHITH BRAHMANDA MANDALAS], Co-Existing as a Group of Both EVOLUTIONARY and NON – EVOLUTIONARY GALAXIES, All Having their OWN Given SUBJECTIVE & OBJECTIVE DUTIES, and they All Stay Interconnected through ‘INVISIBLE ENERGY TRANSMISSION PATHWAYS’ [ADRISHYA URJA SUTRA NADIS], Widely Known Among ALL EXALTED CONSCIOUS EXISTENCES, as the STRETCHABLE ‘WORM HOLES’ [KRIMMI KUPAS], thus Gracefully Perform the DUTIFUL ROLE of an ‘IMPORTANT ENERGY ORGAN’ [VISHESHA URJA ANGA], in the GREAT SCHEME OF UNIVERSAL SPIRIT’S GRADUAL EXPANSION, and Stay APPROPRIATELY HELD in its Own ‘DESIGNATED AREA’ [NIRDHARITH KSHETRA], of the ‘INVISIBLE SPACE WEB’ [ADRISHYA AKASHIK JAAL], and DUTIFULLY MOVE ALONG in the GREAT SPIRAL OF FORWARD MOTION, thus Having an WORKING ORDER with ALL OTHER SUCH ‘GALACTIC GROUP ORGANS’ [BRAHMANDA MANDALA SAMHUIK ANGAS], Which ‘WORKING ORGANS’ [KARAMA PARAYAN ANGAS], Also SIMILARLY EXIST in this ‘UNIVERSAL MATRIX’ [BRAHMANDIC PARIPANCHA], Popularly Known as the INFINITE UNIVERSE. Having the Unfathomably Huge ‘Egg Shaped Parametric Ethereal Space’ [Andakara Maha Akasha] of the Egg Shaped Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Himself being a Great Scholar of Mathematics [Ganitha Vigyanam or Kanitaviyal] and it’s all Related Sciences, which Includes ‘Astrology’ [Rashi, Nakshatra, and Greha Vigyanam], Geometry [Jyotirmay Vidya], and Numerology [Arudam], Gracefully Further Informed the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that all the 13 Lower Dimensional World Zones [Adho Lokas, Tala Kshetras], which are Vitally Related to this Planet’s Ongoing ‘Vital Conscious Evolution’, Originally Mandated by the Great Creator Father Lord of Universe, and Accordingly being Carried Out Currently in this ‘Ongoing Manvantra’ [Time Period of Many Yugas] upon this Planet Earth, they Collectively Extend Outwards, Starting with their EVOLUTIONARY IMPACTS, Being Compressively FELT Upon this PLANET EARTH, as being IMPLEMENTED From a DISTANCE of 70,000 Yojanas from the ‘Magnetic South Pole’ [Tenpuvuimunai] of this Physical World of Planet Earth.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Explained to the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that ‘Each’ of the ‘7 Main Lower Dimensional Worlds’ [Saptha Adho Lokas], Which ALL are also Dutifully Related, to the Ongoing Evolution of this Planet Earth, who All also Vitally Exist in their Own Respective ‘Oval Shapes’ in the Manifested Group of the ‘13 Lower Dimensional Worlds, to Vitally Play their Own ‘Evolutionary Roles’ Primarily Related to the Material World Sciences [Lokik Padartha Jnanam – Vijnanam], thus Existing as their 7 Main Lower Dimensional Worlds, Vitally Extend Outwards in the ‘Akasha’ [Ethereal Space], with their Parametric Spaces Manifested according to their ‘Centers of Influences’, and All of them Vitally Exist in the ‘Gradually Graded Differentiated Ethereal Rarities’, which are the Dimensional Zonal Areas of their ‘Vidyut Chumbakeya Kshetras or the Minkantam Mika Tuyimayiana Parappalavu’ [Ionized Ethereal Space], which being of the ‘Arupa’ [Subjective] Kinds, are Totally Invisible to the ‘Densely Incarnated Human Eyes’ of this Planet Earth.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Disclosed, that By Gracefully Following the UNIVERSAL PATTERN OF ‘ALL UPPER & LOWER DIMENSIONAL WORLDS’ [SAMASTHA URDHVA EVAM ADHO LOKAS], thus ‘Each’ of these 7 Main Lower Dimensional Worlds, which are Vitally Manifested Related to this Objectively Manifested Planet Earth, Vitally Extend Further Outwards in the ‘Ionized Ethereal Space’ having their ‘Own Graded Differentiations’ of Vital Consciousness, and ‘Each’ of these 7 Lower Worlds Starting with this ‘Physical World’, Vitally Extend Outward ‘10,000 Yojanas’, Further From the ‘South Pole Area of an ‘Ending Parametric Dimensional Boundary’, which Vitally Belongs to an Adjacently Lower Dimensional World, Vitally Manifested in their Established Graded Order, which all are Vitally Manifested in the ‘Established Descending Order’ known among the Exalted Conscious Seers as the ‘Evolutionary Order’ of the 7 Lower Dimensional Worlds, which are Primarily known among Seers and Sages Also as the ‘Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, and Patala.
The Great Sage Agathiyar further added, that thus the Total Dimensional Area of these 7 Lower Dimensional Worlds, by Gracefully Mimicking the UNIVERSAL PATTERN OF GRACEFULLY ESTABLISHED ‘HIGHER & LOWER DIMENSIONAL WORLDS’ [URDHAVA EVAM ADHO LOKA – TALAS], Which ‘ALL’ [SAMASTHA] are DUTIFULLY ESTABLISHED, in the INVISIBLE SPACE WEB’ [ADRISHYA AKASHIK JAAL] of this GRAND EXPERIMENT OF ‘’GRADUAL SPIRIT’S CONSCIOUS EXPANSIONS’’ [ATAMIC CHETNA VRIDDHI KARYA-KRAMMA], thus Also Vitally Extend outwards from the ‘South Pole’ of this Physical World [Bhu Loka, Assiah], of Dutifully Established ‘Refugee Planet Earth’ [Sharanarthi Dhara Greha], thus Existing in the ‘Designated Space’ [Nirdharith Akasha] of this SOLAR UNIVERSE [ADITYA MANDALA], for a Great Distance, Vitally Corresponding to the INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITY RADIANCE OF INFLUENCE, Which in Human Terms Can be Described as 70,000 Yojanas [7 Lower Dimensional Worlds x 10,000 Yojanas = 70,000 Yojanas], in the ‘Ionized Ethereal Space’. Each of the Yojana Unit of Length itself is Composed of ‘4 Kos’. [Note: – 1 Kos is Equal to 2 miles, So 70,000 Yojanas are equal to 280,000 Kos [70000 Yojanas x 4 Kos = 280,000 Kos], or 560,000 Miles [280,000 Kos x 2 Miles = 560,000 Miles].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Informed the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that in all Such ‘Diametric Calculations’ of All 13 Lower Dimensional Worlds, the ‘6 Lower Dimensional Eye Worlds’ [Shashta Chakshu Talas] of this Collective Group of 13 Lower Dimensional Worlds, are ‘Not Counted’ as the Separate Areas, for Figuring Out this Mathematical Number of 70,000 Yojanas, as their ‘Formulated Dimensional Area Spaces’ are Technically also a Part and Parcel of these 7 Lower Dimensional Worlds.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, After Gracefully Explaining about All the 27 Dimensional Worlds of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], to the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, then Finally Concluded by Gracefully Further Informing them, that Only these 27 Worlds out of the Total Group of the 28 Vitally Manifested Dimensional Worlds, take an ‘Active Part’ in the ‘Ongoing Intellectual Activities’ of the Universe, while the Last 28th Dimensional World having its own 28 Levels, which are Widely Known as the ‘28 Narkas’ [28 Hells, or the ’28 Correction Zones of Various Tortures’] among All Seers and Sages [Samastha Rishi – Munis], ‘Do Not’ Vitally Take Part or ‘Actively Participate’ in Any of the Ongoing ‘Intellectual Activities’ of Universe [Brahmanda], which All Occur Everywhere Else, Either Primarily Related to the ‘Material Sciences’ [Padartha Vidya Jnanam – Vijnanam], basically having the ‘Negative Qualities’ [Tamoguni], or the Spiritual Sciences [Adhyatamic Vidya Jnanam – Vijnanam] Basically having the ‘Positive Qualities’ [Sathvaguni], or they are of those Kinds which are Related to the Mixed Sciences of both Kinds, thus Basically having their Mixed Qualities [Rajoguni], and All ‘Intellectual Activities’ Vitally Occur, by being Subjectively and Objectively Mounted upon the ‘Established Evolutionary Spiral’ in the Vital Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

To Be Continued…

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