Chapter 33

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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 33

The Great Sage Agathiyar, after Gracefully Disclosing Many Vital Information’s to the ‘Tamil Sangam’ about the Last 28th Dimensional World of Universe, which is known among the Seers and Sages as ‘The Great Hell’ [Maha Narka], and its Vital Relationship to the Objectively Manifested ‘Planet Earth’ [Prithvi Greha] of this Solar Universe [Aditya Mandala], then Further Explained them Some More Facts [Tathyas], which are also Related to this Last Dimensional World, and its 28 Manifested Dimensional Levels, which are known in the Universe as the ‘Correction Levels’ [Cittiravatar Talas] or the ‘28 Narkama’ [28 Hells] of Various ‘Tortures’ [Citravatar], Existing Separately by themselves, without any ‘Intellectual Activities’ Related to the ‘Ongoing Evolution’, as in this ‘GREAT DIMENSIONAL WORLD OF EXTREME TORTURES’ [MAHA BHAYANAK NARAKA], All DOOMED EXISTENCES are INDIVIDUALLY CORRECTED, through INNUMERABLE TYPES OF MANDATED TORTURES, For an INFINITE PERIOD OF TORTURE CYCLES, and thus NOT ALLOWED to Be a PARTAKER of ANY GROUP FORMATIONS, Which Experimental Privilege of VARIOUS GROUPING, Vitally Achieved ONLY through POLARITY INTERACTIONS, ONLY EXIST in the ONGOING EVOLUTION of TIME & SPACE RELATIONSHIPS, in ALL CYCLIC EVOLUTIONS of ‘DESIGNATED AREAS’ [NIRDHARITH KHETRAS], Which Vitally EXIST Marked For their CYCLIC TURNS, in the ‘INVISIBLE SPACE WEB’ [ADRISHYA AKASHIK JAAL], of a ‘DIMENSIONAL WORLD’ [LOKA, TALA], So ONLY Various Types of CORRECTIVE PROCEDURES, Related to the MANDATED TORTURES, Gets Vitally Performed in this Last Dimensional World of Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

The Great Sage Agathiyar, Also Gracefully Reminded the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the Later Incarnation of the Great Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, which has been Termed by the Ancient Vedic Seers as the ‘Rudra Agni’ {[‘’AJA EKA PADA RUDRA’’, the Invincible DRAGON POWER Lord ‘EL’, ‘AL’ of Fiery Spiral Motion Dance, thus Gracefully Managing All Universal Wisdom’s, and HE is the Supreme Governing Controller of ALL Universal Spiral Motions, Widely Occurring Simultaneously throughout the Entire ‘INVISIBLE SPACE WEB’ [ADRISHYA AKASHIK JAAL], of this INFINITE UNIVERSE]}, also Later Known Just Simply as the ‘Rudra’ as Well as the Vedic God ‘Agni’ in His ‘Most Wrathful Form’, is the ‘Absolute Controller’ of this ‘Great Hellish Dimensional World’ [Maha Narka], where His ‘Corrective Energies’ are Constantly Utilized as the Applicable ‘Corrective Forces and Powers’, by the ‘Willed Desires’ of the ‘One and Only’ Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], and as far as the Ongoing Evolution of this Planet Earth is Concerned, He is Known among the Evolving Humanity also as the Great ‘Yamaraja’ [The Great Lord of Death].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Disclosed to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that ‘Rudra Agni’ {[‘’AJA EKA PADA RUDRA’’, the Invincible DRAGON POWER Lord ‘EL’, ‘AL’ of Fiery Spiral Motion Dance, thus Gracefully Managing All Universal Wisdom’s, and HE is the Supreme Governing Controller of ALL Universal Spiral Motions, Widely Occurring Simultaneously throughout the Entire ‘INVISIBLE SPACE WEB’ [ADRISHYA AKASHIK JAAL], of this INFINITE UNIVERSE]} is also the Great Lord of All ‘Anahatha Energies’ [The Unspoken or Unstruck Universal Energies] in the Universe, which upon this Objectively Manifested Planet Earth also Vitally Corresponds to the ‘Heart Center’ [Anahatha Chakra] of the Incarnated Human Form, which Vitally Existing in the ‘Vital Body’ [Pranamay Kosha] as the Fast Moving Vortex of ‘Lotus Petal Shaped Energies’, which are Formulated in their ‘Such Lotus Shaped Petals’ due to Continuous ‘Basket Weave Formative Motion’ of the Intersecting ‘Vertical Electric Energies’ of the Cosmos [Antriksha], Coming to this Planet Earth, which then Upon Entering the Vital Body [Pranamay Kosha] of the ‘Incarnated Human Form’, Vitally Interacts with the ‘Life Controlling’ Horizontal Magnetic Frequency Energies of Different Wave Lengths, Which All Vitally Originating from the Very ‘Center’ of this Planet Earth [Prithvi Greha], thus Formulate these ‘Lotus Petal Shaped Energy Appearances’, to Vitally Exist in this Fast Moving ‘Heart Center’ Vortex of Energy [Anahatha Chakra].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Also Added, that This ‘Phenomena of Vitality’, which formulate the ‘Lotus Shaped Vital Energy Petals’ due to the Different ‘Short and Long’ Wavelengths of Intersecting Frequencies, in the Various ‘Centers’ [Chakras] of the Vital Body [Pranamaya Kosha], is thus True for ‘All Other Chakras’ [Circular Vortexes of Energies], which Exist ‘Vitally Manifested’ as the 7 Main Large ‘Chakras’ [Centers] and Many Subordinate Small ‘Chakras’ [Circular Vortexes of Energies], in the Vital Bodies [Pranamay Kosha] of All Incarnated Human Bodies, and thus Stay Formulated as Such during the ‘Entire Tenure’ of their ‘Life Cycle’ until Death, and the Life Vitality FIERY FREQUENCY CONTROLLER, LORD OF DEATH ‘’AJA EKA PADA RUDRA’’, the Invincible DRAGON POWER Lord ‘EL’, ‘AL’, With HIS TITLE NAME as ‘’YAMARAJA’’, by Governing the ‘’YA, or YAMA’’ Tonal ‘’ANAHATHA’’ [UNSTRUCK] Sound, of Fiery Spiral Motion Dance, in the Very ‘HEART CENTER’ [ANAHATHA CHAKRA], of ‘VITAL FORM’ [PRANAMAYA KOSHA], Easily Managed through HIS INNUMERABLE NUMBER OF ‘INVISIBLE ‘DUTIFUL WORKERS’ [YAMA GANAS, YAMA DOOTAS], thus Gracefully Managing All Universal Wisdom’s of Cyclic Lives, is GREATLY DREADED, Among the EVOLVING HUMANITY of this Evolutionary ‘PLANET EARTH’[PRITHVI GREHA].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Added, that All the ‘Vertical Electric Energies of Cosmos’ Vitally Enter this Planet Earth [Prithvi Greha] ‘Mostly’ through Our Objectively Manifested and Centrally Located ‘Solar Sun’ [Aditiya], which Vitally Acts as a ‘Focal Point Receiver’ in this Solar Universe [Aditiya Mandala], Continuously Working by being Mounted upon the ‘Established Evolutionary Spiral’ and ‘Proceeding Forward’ through its Own ‘Circular Motion’ thus Vitally Acts as a ‘Step Down Transformer’, who after Gradually ‘Toning Down’ the ‘Cosmic Energies’ at its Very Center, so that they All Could be ‘Vitally Used’ in the Ongoing Evolution of this ‘Solar Universe’ [Aditya Mandala], then Gradually Sends them Out in ‘Cycles’ through Certain ‘Magnetic Openings’ [Chumbakiya Kshetras] in its Surface, as the Vital ‘Solar Wind’ [Churiya Karru] and also Luminous ‘Solar Rays’ [Churiyak Katirkal] Force.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, Gracefully Further Informed the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that The Great Life Preserver Solar Sun [Aditiya], thus Vitally Sends them Out From its Solar Surface throughout All the Manifested ‘Dimensional Zones’ of Solar Universe, which All Exists Vitally Manifested under its ‘Radius of Influence’, and thus Coexist having their ‘Own Radius of Influences’ in the Vitally Manifested ‘Huge Parametric Space’ [Maha Akasha] of this ‘Solar Universe’ [Aditiya Mandala], which itself is Just a ‘Tiny Part’ of the Spiraling ‘Milky Way Galaxy’ [Ksheer Sagara Brahmanda] having Various ‘Spiraling Arms’ [Bhuja Evam Jangha Mandalas], and Our this Comparatively Small Solar Universe [Aditiya Mandala] Vitally Exists in that ‘Spiraling Arm’ [Bhuja Mandala] which Vitally Contains the ‘Mrigashira Rashi Mandala’ [Orion Constellation] in the Celestial Skies.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, Further Gracefully Informed the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that during the Incarnated Life of a Human Being, the ‘Vortex of Energy’ Manifested in the ‘Vital Body’ [Pranamaya Kosha], which is ‘Directly Related’ to Objectively Manifested ‘Heart’ [Hridya] in the Dense Incarnated Human Form, Continuously Produce the Sound of ‘Yama’ in its ‘Heart Center’ [Anahatha Chakra], and thus the Lord ‘Rudra Agni’ {[‘’AJA EKA PADA RUDRA’’, the Invincible DRAGON POWER Lord ‘EL’, ‘AL’ of ‘’YA & YAMA’’ TONAL FREQUENCIES’’, Which through His Fiery Spiral Motion Dance, Gracefully Appear like an Oscillating ‘VORTEX OF ENERGY DISTRIBUTIONS’, and in the PATTERN OF ALL INCARNATED MAMAL FORMS, Including the HUMAN BEINGS; Gracefully INTRODUCED Upon this PLANET EARTH, this ‘’VITAL BODY VORTEX OF ENERGY’’ [PRANAMAYA KOSHA URJA CHAKRA], Gets Dutifully Related to the ‘’HEART ORGAN’’ [HRID-YAMA], of their INCARNATED FORMS]} was also named as the Lord ‘Yama Raja’ of ‘Death’ by the Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages of Ancient Times.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, Finally Concluded to the ‘Tamil Sangan’, that the Lord ‘Yamaraja’ being the Lord of ‘Death’, which happens as the ‘Separation’ of Evolving ‘Vital Consciousness’ from the ‘Incarnated Form’ at the End of a ‘Vital Cyclic Life’, to both the ‘Physical Body’ [Annamaya Kosha] and Subsequently few days later also to the ‘Vital Body’ [Pranamaya Kosha] of All Incarnated Evolving Humanity, who Vitally Exists Gradually Evolving upon the ‘Physical World’ [Bhu Loka] of this ‘Planet Earth’, is thus the ‘Sole’ Ruler of All Dimensional Levels of the ‘Great Hell’ [Maha Narakam], which Corresponds to All those Dimensional Worlds, which are Vitally Related to the ‘Ongoing Evolution’ of this ‘Planet Earth’ [Prithvi Greha] in this Solar Universe [Aditiya Mandala].

To Be Continued…

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