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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 57

The Great Sage Agathiyar, after revealing Various Important Information’s, then Continued Further, to Gracefully Explain the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, about the Hierarchical Groups of Yakshasa’s and Rakhshasa’s’ [Matter Related, Leadership Quality Demonic Hierarchies], who All being the ‘’Raja Guna’’ [Negative- Positive Mixture Leadership Qualities], Hierarchical Invisible Existences, Who having the Given Abilities to Willfully Become ‘’Visible Existences’’, All Such Abilities Gracefully Bestowed upon them. by the Supreme Preserver Lord of All Universal Cycles ‘’Isha’’ [Vasudeva, Vishnu, Venkatesh, Adonai], and Who Also Allowed them All to Accept the ‘’Devotional Energies’’ [Yajantey], of All ‘’Rajas Guna Manavas’’ [Various Types of Dutiful Human Leaders], as Gracefully Revealed Upon this Planet Earth, More than 10,000 Years Ago, by the Great Avatar Shri Krishna’s ‘’Codified Mention’’ [Reshasya Poorna Vada], in Verse ‘’4’’ of Chapter ‘’17’’, in Bhagwad Geeta, thus Dutifully Operate under the Governing Jurisdictions of Great Lord of All Universal Spiral Motions ‘’Maha Isha’’ [Aja Agni Aika Pada, Sada Shiva Vaamadeva Rudra, Dakshina Murthi, El, Al], and Vitally Exist in their Arupa [Invisible] and Rupa [Visible] Forms on this Planet, by having their ‘Given Capacities’ to Act as the ‘Co-Creators’ [Sam-Karthas] in this Manifested ‘Paripancha’ [Matrix], which ‘Vitally Allows’ them to Perform their ‘Evolutionary Duties’ {[‘’Chetna Vriddhi’’ [Evolutionary] ‘’Kartavyas’’ [Duties]} related to the ‘Rajas Guna’ [Mixed Qualities of Negative-Positive Natures], with Certain Given ‘Powers of Limitations’ {[‘’Nirodhith’’ [Limitations] ‘’Bala’’ [Powers]}, which Vitally help them to ‘Faithfully’ [Vishvas Parayan] Conduct their ‘Rajas Guna’ [Mixed Quality] Roles, and all Types of related ‘Assigned Duties’ upon this Evolutionary Planet Earth.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Informed the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the Great Yaksha Lord ‘Kubera’ [Vaishravana], being Extremely wise in the ‘Universal Mandate of Economy’ [Brahmandick Vritta Niyam] due to his ‘Preserving Duties’ {[‘’Pratipalaka’’ [Preserving] ‘’Kartavyas’’ [Duties]}, which were Vitally Incorporated in His ‘Vital Consciousness’ {[‘’Jeevan’’ [Vital] ‘’Chetna’’ [Consciousness]} of Rajas Guna [Mixed Qualities of Positive-Negative Nature], before he was Incarnated by the ‘Desired Will’ {[‘’Icchith’’ [Desired] ‘’Bhava’’ [Will]} of the Unknowable Universal Father ‘Adi Param Shiva’ upon this Planet Earth, and thus Fully Understanding the ‘Importance’ [Visheshtha] of the ‘Underlying Concept’ [Moola Pravrithi] having the ‘Line of Least Resistance’ {[‘’ Nimntam’’ [Least] ‘’Avirodha’’ [Resistance] ‘’Rekha’’ [Line]}, thus Greatly Utilized the ‘Available Resources’ [Maha Apoorthi] of the Himalayan Ranges, and Quickly recovered the ‘Great Loss’ [Maha Apoorthi], Occurred Earlier due to the ‘Great Harm’ Caused by His Half Brother ‘Ravana’ [Rakshsa Clan King of Shri Lanka], who Deceitfully Snatched from Him His ‘Prized Possession’ [‘’Mahatava Poorna’’ [Prized] ‘’Sampathi’’ [Possession]} of ‘Pushpak Vimana’ [‘Willed Driven’ Computerized Flying Machine], along with the Glorious and Famous Kingdom of Sri Lanka, which at that Time had ‘Unparalleled Riches’ {[‘’Atulya’’ [Unparalleled] ‘’Nidhi’’ [Riches]} in the Manifested Matrix [Paripancha] of this Planet Earth.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Added, that During this ‘Treta Yuga’ {[2nd Descending Age of ‘’Spirit’’ [Adhyatamic Chetna], into Various Grades of ‘’Matter’’ [Padartha], and the 3rd Ascending Age of ‘’Spirit’’ [Adhyatamic Chetna], Gradually Leaving Various Grades of ‘’Matter’’ [Padartha]}
, the New Fame and Glory of Yaksha Kingdom in the Himalayan Territories, also having a Great Center of Learning named the ‘Janana Ashrama’ {[‘’The Hermitage’’ [Ashrama] ‘’of Knowledge’’ [Jnana]}, made the Rakhsha Lord ‘Ravana’ Envious and Jealous, when these News of ‘Yaksha Glory’, through Various Sources reached Him, who then decided to Attack the Yaksha Kingdom at ‘Gandhamadana Parvata’ {[The Himalayan ‘’Mountain’’ [Parvata], of ‘’Circulating’’ [Madana] ‘’Fragrances’’ [Gandha]} with a Great Force, which by then was ‘Gloriously Established’ {[‘’Prakhyathi Poorvak’’ [Gloriously] ‘’Sthapith’’ [Established]} in the Mount Kailash [Sumeru Parvata] Territory.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Disclosed to the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that a Great Battle took Place between both the Groups of Lord ‘Kubera’ and Lord ‘Ravana’, in which the Yaksha General ‘Manibhadra’ [Maniman] Directly Engaged Himself to Fight the Rakshasa King ‘Ravana’. In this Great Battle the Forces of Yaksha General ‘Manibhadra’ {[‘’The Noble One’’ [Bhadra], Shining in Qualities, Like a ‘’Precious Jewel’’ [Mani]} ‘Decisively Won’ over the Forces of Rakshasa King ‘Ravana’, who Sustaining a ‘Great Loss’ {[‘’Maha’’ [Great] ‘’Apoorthi’’ [Loss]} then Retreated back to Sri Lanka in His ‘Pushpak Vimana’ [Computerized Flying Machine, which operated just by Verbal and Mental Directions].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Disclosed to the Tamil Sangam, that After the ‘Mortal Demise’ of Rakhsha’s King ‘Ravana’, who was ‘Mortally Slain’ [Mrityu Vadh] by the ‘Piercing Arrows’ [Shulam Bana] of Lord ‘Shri Rama’ {[‘’Great Isha Conscious Avatar of Treta Yuga’’, Who Gracefully Incarnated upon this Planet Earth, in the ‘’Reestablished’’ [Punar Sthapith] ‘’Radiant’’ [Tejasvi] ‘Conscious’ [Chetna] ‘Lineage’ [Kula] of Already Advanced ‘’Magha Nakshatra’’ [Solar Star Regulus- Raghu Kula’’], of the Famous Zodiacal ‘’Leo Constellation’’ [Simha Rashi], Whose Displaced Civilization Conscious Batches, then Upon the Graceful Orders of Preserver Lord ‘’Isha’’ [Vasudeva, Adonai], Got Reestablished upon this Refugee Planet Earth, as the ‘’Enlightened Solar Race Members’’ [Surya, Shamash, Prakashith, Ujjavala Chetna Jaathi], to Widely Exist in All Land Mass Areas, of this ‘’Physical World’’ [Bhu Loka, Assiah], as the Various Sub & Branch Race Groups, of the ‘’Main 5th Aryan Human Race’’ [Pancham Mukhya Manushya Arya Jaathi]} in the Great Battle of ‘Epic Proportions’, during which ‘He Himself [Sahayak Agathiyar] Aided’ the Great ‘Ishvara’ [Venkateshvara, Hari Vishnu] Avatar ‘Shri Rama’ with the ‘Secret Incantations’ [Mantras] of the Great Solar Lord ‘Aditiya Narayana’ called ‘Aditya Hridyam Stotra’, whose Entire ‘Objectively Manifested Visible Form’ is ‘Our this Entire Solar Universe’, which thus Allowed the Disheartened Lord ‘Shri Rama’ to Finally Won this Great Battle of Epic Proportions, then Right after Following the Rakshasa’s King ‘Lord ‘Ravana’s’ Death, the Great ‘Ishvara’ Devotee ‘Vibhishana’ {[The ‘’Hand Picked’’ [Kar Moola Adharith] Adopted Younger Brother of Rakshasa King ‘’Ravana’’, Whose Own True Lineage, Actually Belonged to the Fiery Wisdom Energy Aspects, of the ‘’Polarity Based Sacrificial Fire’’ [Vaishvanar Agni], Which is the Cyclic Motion Magnetic Attribute, of Supreme Preserver Lord ‘’Isha’’ [Vasudeva, Vishnu, Venkatesha, Adonai], and thus ‘’VIBHISHANA’’ was a Devoted Follower, of the Preserver Lord ‘’Isha’’, since His Early Childhood, Even though His Such Devotional Instincts, were Not Properly Understood in the Rakshsa Territory of ‘Shri Lanka’’, Except the Mighty ‘’Ravana’’ Himself, Who Actually Stole His ‘’Vital Conscious Life’s’’ Embodiment Framework, before His ‘’Adopted Birth’’ Took Place, in this Physical World, Having All of the Fiery Wisdom Energy Aspects, and these Inherent Wisdom’s,thus Gracefully Embodying His Incarnated Form with the ‘’Polarity Based Attributes’’ [Contemplating Mind], of ‘’Sacrificial Fire’’ [Vaishvanar Agni], and the Great Rakshsa King ‘’Ravana’’ Actually did so, For His Own Protection, From His Futile Demise at the Hands of an Isha Conscious Avatar, as He was Greatly Cursed by All Great SEERS & SAGES, Peacefully Doing ‘’Penance’’ [Tapas], in HIS ‘’TERRITORIAL FORESTS’’ [VANA PRADESHA], Whose Incarnated Form’s Blood He Forcibly Took From them, as a ‘’Taxable Revenue’’ [Kar], Which was Totally Wrong For Any ‘’RAJAS GUNA’’ [NEGATIVE – POSITIVE LEADERSHIP QUALITY] Possessor, to Do So Anywhere, in the Grand Expanse of ‘’Invisible Space Web’’ [Adrishya Akashik Jaal], Widely Exiting & Dutifully Holding All Types of ‘’Galaxies’’ [Brahmanda Mandalas], and their Various Size ‘’EVOLUTIONARY PARTS’’ [CHETNA VRIDDHI ANGAS], in this GRAND CONSCIOUS EXPANSION EXPERIMENT, Popularly Known Among All Invisible & Visible Existences, as the ‘’INFINITE UNIVERSE’’ [ANANTHA BRAHMANDA]} was Gracefully Installed as the ‘King of Sri Lanka’ by the ‘Ishvara’ [Hari Vishnu] Avatar Lord Shri Rama Himself, Who after Becoming the ‘’Righteous King’’ [Dharam Parayan Raja] of ‘’Shri Lanka’’, afterwards made Peace Treaty with the Yaksha Lord ‘Kubera’, and the Tranquil Peace Finally came back to the Himalayan Territories of Lord Kubera [Vaishravana].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Added, that After the Death of Rakshasa’s Lord ‘Ravana’, Many more of the Yaksha, Ghandharva, Rakshasa, and Kinnera Etc., Including many of their ‘Entire Clans’ from the Southern Territories, thus in ‘Great Numbers’ Willfully Migrated Northwards to Live in the ‘Fabled Kingdom of Yaksha’s’, which by now was Gloriously Expanded and thus Properly Established itself ‘All Over’ the Northern Territories, Especially throughout the Entire Himalayan Ranges on ‘It’s Both ‘North
and South Sides’ Extending up to a Great Distance into the North and South Directions, Following in a Straight Line of this Physical World’s [Bhu Loka, Assiah] Highest Mountains Range, which widely extended from the Eastern Shore of the ‘Sagara’ [Ocean] to Western Shore of the
‘Sagara’ [Ocean].

The Great Sage Agathiyar, Gracefully Further Informed the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the Extended Area of ‘Yaksha Kingdom’ became So Huge during the Peaceful Times, that it Covered ‘Northward Areas’ [Uttara Disha Kshetras] beyond the ‘Sumeru Parvata’ [Mount Kailash] to a Far Greater Distance covering the ‘Uttara Samudra’ [Northern Sea called the Gobi Sea], and the ‘Southward Areas’ of the Vadari-Kaidara [Badarinatha-Kaidarnatha] also extended to Great Distance beyond the ‘Gangadwara’ [Haridwar], and thus their Extended Territories Included the Entire Land of the Sindhu [Indus], Satadaru [Sutlej], Vitastha [Vyasa], Brahmaputra, Chandrabhagha [Chenab], Yamuna, and the Ganga [Ganges] Rivers, which thus Finally Got Extended back to the Entire ‘Vindhya Parvata’ Range [Vindhyanchal Mountains], Encompassing the Entire Area of the Holy ‘Narmada River’ {[East to West Flowing River of ‘’Central India’’ [Madhya Bharat], Whose Very Name Means The Feminine Style ‘’Egoic Pride’’ [Mada] of [Human Beings’’ [Nar]} from its Starting Point ‘Amarkantaka’ {[The ‘’Immortal’ [Amar] ‘’Thorn Bush Area’’ [Kantaka], of ‘’Maikhala Parvata’’ Mountain Range, which Golden Color Thorns Area, Being a Famous Landmark of the Vindhyanchal, or the ‘’Vindhya Parvata’’, is the Ancient Source of this Famous River]} to the Sagara Kshetra’ [Gujrat], which also included the Birthplace of the Great Lord Yaksha King ‘Kubera’ [Vaishravana].

The Great Sage Agathiyar further Disclosed to the Gathered Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the Yaksha Lord ‘Kubera’ during those Peaceful Times of Great Prosperity, Riches, Name and Fame, having a Great Area with its Vast Boundaries to Properly Manage, then ‘Wisely Decided’ to Install His Most Trustworthy ‘Friend and Yaksha General’ named ‘Manibhadra’ [Maniman] as the ‘Governor King’ of the ‘Mandara Mountain’ Area, having both the Venerated ‘Vadari and Kaidara’ Areas, Popularly known as the ‘Pavitra Kshetras’ [Holy Areas [Badrinatha Evam Kaidarnatha Teertha]] since the Very Ancient Times among All the Seers and Sages, famous for their ‘Tranquil Spiritual Qualities’ {[‘’Shanti Pradayak’’ [Tranquil] ‘’Adhyatamic’’ [Spiritual] ‘’Gunah’’ [Qualities]}, whose Greater Areas extended its Territorial Boundaries to a Great Distance, Covering the ‘Gangadwara’ [Haridwara], as well the Most Important Holy Area, known among All the Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages Since the Very Ancient ‘Agamic Times’ {[Ancient Earlier times before the Human Understanding of Established ‘’Cyclic Ages’’ [Yuga Chakra]}, as the Famous ‘Pilgrimage Place’ [Teertha] of ‘Sapthacharu’ [Jawalaji-Kangra], in the ‘Kala Parvata’ [Blackish Mountain] Area, where Since the ‘Immemorial Times’ the ‘7 Flames’ [Saptha] of the Great Lord ‘Rudra Agni’ Blaze by themselves, each burning at a Different Spot in that Holy Place, Blazing without any Intermission or Stoppage throughout All the Yuga Periods.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Disclosed to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that due to the Great Importance of this ‘Pilgrimage Place’ of ‘Sapthacharu’ {[The Seven [Saptha] ‘’Consuming Ones’’ [Charu]} in the Entire Himalayas, which is due to the ‘Permanent Presence’ of the Great ‘Lord Rudra’ [Fiery Lord ‘’Aja Aika Pada Maha Isha – El, Al’’] Himself in His ‘Agni’ [Fiery] Form, who also Gracefully Keeps His such ‘Holy Presence’ in an Another Holy area of Himalayas, which also being under the Supervision of both the ‘Yakshas’a and Rakshasa’s, is the ‘Favorite Area’ {[‘’Priya’’ [Favorite] ‘’Kshetra’’ [Area]} of the Great Preserver Lord ‘Ishvara’ [The Supreme Preserver Lord of ‘’Polarity Desires Cyclic Motion’’, Having Many Title Names, Including ‘’Hari’’, ‘’Vishnu’’, Vasudeva’’, Adonai, ‘’Damodara’’, ‘’Munishvara’’, Yogeshvara, Pratipalaka, Jagadisha, Venkateshvara, Etc.], known as the Fabled ‘Shailgrama Parvata’ [Muktinatha in Nepal], which is Blissfully Situated in the Holy ‘Gandaki River’ Area [Important Tributary of Ganges River] of Himalayas.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Informed the Gathered Seers and Sages of Tamil Sangam, that long before the ‘Fabled Periods’ of the ‘Satya Yuga and the Treta Yuga’ {[‘’The Cyclic Age’’ [Yuga] of ‘’Truthful Revelations’’ [Satya], and the ‘’Third’’ [Treta] ‘’Ascending Age’’ [Yuga] of Evolution]}, during the Earlier Gone by ‘Manvantra’ {[‘’The Great Period Time Cycle, ‘’Existing Between’’ [Antara], the Graceful Establishment of ‘’Human Races’’ [Manavas]}, when The Great Preserver Lord ‘Ishvara’ [The Supreme Preserver Lord of ‘’Polarity Desires Cyclic Motion’’, Having Many Title Names, Including ‘’Hari’’, ‘’Vishnu’’, Vasudeva’’, Adonai, ‘’Damodara’’, ‘’Munishvara’’, Yogeshvara, Pratipalaka, Jagadisha, Venkateshvara, Etc.], along with His Famous Incarnation as the ‘Kurma’ [Tortoise] Avatar, also Vitally Manifested His Vital Consciousness in various ‘Tiny Sea Creatures’, to Vitally Support his ‘Kurma’ Avatar Incarnation, who All due to Gracefully Performing their Incarnated Supporting Roles, were later blessed by the Great Preserver Lord ‘Ishvara’ [The Supreme Preserver Lord of ‘’Polarity Desires Cyclic Motion’’, Having Many Title Names, Including ‘’Hari’’, ‘’Vishnu’’, Vasudeva’’, Adonai, ‘’Damodara’’, ‘’Munishvara’’, Yogeshvara, Pratipalaka, Jagadisha, Venkateshvara, Etc.], to Permanently retain His Vital Consciousness, by becoming Innumerable number of Fossilized ‘Black Stone Forms’, all having the Same Venerable Name of ‘Shaligramas’, and thus stay Forever Objectively Manifested, by being Worshiped as ‘His Own Incarnated Form’ in this Physical World [Bhu Loka] of Planet Earth.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Added, that Understanding the Spiritual Importance of these Both Holy Areas of ‘Sapthacharu’ {[The Seven [Saptha] ‘’Consuming Ones’’ [Charu]} and the ‘Shaligrama’ {[‘’The Village’’ [Grama] of ‘’Black Mountain Stones’’ [Shail]}, as well as both these areas also having a ‘Permanent Presence’ of the Great Lord ‘Rudra’ [Fiery Lord ‘’Aja Aika Pada Maha Isha – El, Al’’], Vitally Manifested in His ‘Fiery Form’ known as the ‘Agni’, All the Great Devas [Hierarchical Angelic Beings] having an Abundance of ‘Sathva Guna’ [Positive Qualities], then under the Leadership of their Lord’ Indra’ {[Ruler Lord of ‘’Heavenly World’’ [Sva Loka, Briah], also Known as the ‘’Guru Brahaspathi of Briah’’, and Zeus – Adonai ‘’Pitar’’[Father], in the Famous ‘’Great Aratta’’ [Maha Arirashtra], of ‘’Jambhudveepa’’ [Eurasia]} having ‘Rajas Guna’ [Negative-Positive Mixed Qualities], Vitally Mixed within His Vital Consciousness, with an Abundance of the ‘Sathva Guna’ [Positive Quality], also wanted to have an Access to Visit these Holy Places, which are Objectively Situated in the Himalayan Ranges, So the Great Heavenly Lord ‘Indra’ {[Ruler Lord of ‘’Heavenly World’’ [Sva Loka, Briah], also Known as the ‘’Guru Brahaspathi of Briah’’, and Zeus – Adonai ‘’Pitar’’[Father], in the Famous ‘’Great Aratta’’ [Maha Arirashtra], of ‘’Jambhudveepa’’ [Eurasia]} approached both the Yaksha King ‘Kubera’ [Vaishravana] and the ‘Governor King’ Manibhadra [Maniman], the Faithful General of the Entire Yaksha Army having a great Number of Yakshas and Krodhavasha Rakshasa Warriors, to Sought out their ‘Valued Permission’ [Parvesh Agya] for all the Devas to Fearlessly Visit these Holy Places.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, Gracefully Concluded to the Seers and Sages of Tamil Sangam, that after ‘Long Negotiations’ [Vistar Poorvak Vichar Vimarsha], during which the 10 Celestial Nymphs [Heavenly Fairies] Collectively known as the ‘Vidyut Prabha Apasaras’ {[‘’Electrified’’ [Vidyuth] ‘’Glow’’ [Prabha] ‘’Nymphs’’ [Apasaras]}, of the Great Lord Indra’s Court Played an Important Role, a Great Treaty was ‘Agreed Upon’ [Sandhi] Declaring both these both ‘Holy Areas’ {[‘’Pujaniye’’ [Holy] ‘’Kshetras’’ [Areas]}, having the Permanent Presence of the Great Lord ‘Rudra Agni’ [Fiery Lord ‘’Aja Aika Pada Maha Isha – El, Al’’], to be Termed as the ‘Neutral Territories’, and were also ‘Decreed’ [Nirdeshith] to become the ‘Permanent Play Grounds’ {[‘’Sthyai’’ [Permanent] ‘’Krida’’ [Play] ‘’Sthal’’ [Grounds]} of both the Suras [Angelic Hierarchies] and the Asuras [Demonic Hierarchies].

To Be Continued…

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