Chapter 66

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The Great Sage Agathiyar, while Continuing His Great Discourses, then Gracefully Further Disclosed Some More Important Information’s to All the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, about the Great Universal Lord ‘Ishvara’ [Venkateshvara, Hari Visnu], Who being the ‘Main Source Center’ of All ‘Brahmanda Rajas Guna’ [Mixed Qualities of Leadership in the Entire Universe] is thus the Main Great ‘Preserver’ Lord of the Entire ‘Egg Shaped Manifested Universe’ [Brahmanda], and As far as the Ongoing Evolution of this ‘Planetary Organ’ of Our Solar Universe [Aditya Mandla] named ‘Planet Earth’ is Concerned, ‘Nothing’ Moves Forward in all of the Manifested ‘Cycles’ without His Leadership Qualities of ‘Rajas Guna’ [Positive-Negative Mixed Qualities], which are Vitally Needed as His ‘Graceful Universal Frequencies’ having a ‘Bluish Color’ of ‘Radiant Aura’, known in Sanskrit as the ‘Shyama Varna’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Added, that these ‘Shyama Varna’ [Bluish Color] ‘Vital Rays of Preservation’, which the Great Lord ‘Isha’ [Ishvara] also embodies whenever He Incarnates in an Ordinary Human Form upon this Planet Earth, have been termed by the Ancient Seers and Sages as the ‘Rudra Agni Tarangas’ of Preservation, which can also be Visibly Seen at the base of a Burning ‘Diya Jyoti’ [Lamp Flame], are thus Necessary to ‘Lead and Preserve’ All the Visible [Rupa] and Invisible [Arupa] Vital Conscious Existence’s, who ‘All’ Vitally ‘Coexist’ upon this Dense Planet of Spiritual Evolution, Moving Forward in the Great Parametric Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], while Mounted upon the ‘Great Evolutionary Spiral’, Vitally Established by the Great Unknowable Universal Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’.  

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Disclosed to the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that The Great Lord ‘Isha’ [Ishvara] of the ‘Ishana Kona’ [Northeast Angular Direction] being the ‘Main Source’ of All ‘Brahmanda Rajas Guna’ [Mixed Qualities of Vital Consciousness in the Entire Universe], who is thus vitally Established by the 4th Divine Face ‘Ishana Mukha’ of the ‘One and Only’ Unknowable Creator Universal Father ‘Adi Param Shiva’ in the Great Parametric Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] is thus the ‘Collective Conscious Leader’ of this Entire Solar Universe, as well as the Entire ‘Ksheer Sagara Brahmanda Mandla’ [Milky Way Galaxy], who also being the ‘Great Time Keeper’ [Maha Kala] of Entire Manifested ‘Infinite Universe’ [Brahmanda], thus to Perform His ‘Preserving Duties’ According to Established ‘Brahmanda Rajas Guna’ [Negative – Positive Qualities of Universe], has Vitally Established Various Types of ‘Kala Vrittas’ [Black Holes] All Over the Universe [Brahmanda], to deal With the ‘Life Cycles’ of Various Sizes of Subjective and Objective Manifestations, which All have been Vitally Manifested to Exist in the Universe.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Explained to the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that when the Great Lord ‘Shri Krishna’ Gave ‘Divine Eyesight’ to His ‘Sentimentally Deluded’ and ‘Inquiringly Questioning’ Disciple Friend ‘Arjuna’ upon the Battlefield of Mahabhartha War, so that He Could ‘Vitally Experience’ His ‘Universal Mixed Quality Attributes’ [Brahmanda Rajas Guna], The Great Lord Ishvara’s Avatar ‘Shri Krishna’ being the ‘Ultimate Universal Time Keeper’ [Maha Kala] then Gracefully gave him a Glimpse of His Cyclic Operations being Carried Out in the Universe, and the Astonished and Bewildered Arjuna Fearfully Experienced these ‘Kala Vrittas’ [Black Holes] Vitally Established in the Universe, Appearing to Him as Many of the ‘Opened Mouths’ of the Venerated Great Lord ‘Shri Krishna’, in Which ‘All’ Manifested Worlds were Entering at a Great Speed to Get ‘Annihilated Decimated, and Destroyed’, and during Such Dissolution Operations, a Great Many Scorching and Terrible Light Rays were Coming Out.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, then Gracefully Further Disclosed to the Gathered Seers and Sages of Tamil Sangam, that This ‘Fearful Experience’ of Arjuna, Vitally Seen with His ‘Divine Eyesight’, has been Gracefully Compiled by the Great Seer ‘Maharishi Ved Vyasa’ For the Benefit of All Vital Conscious Existence’s, in the Chapter 11, Verses 28, 29, and 30 of Bhagwad Geeta, which States in Sanskrit:

‘Yatha Nadinam Bahavo Mbu-Vegah                                        

Samudram Evabhimukha Dravanti

Tatha Tavami Nara-Loka-Vira

Vishanti Vaktrany Abhivijvalanti’. [Bhagwad Geeta – Chapter 11, Verse 28].

Meaning: ‘As the Waters of Many Rivers, with their Great Speed Flow toward the Sea, Similarly All these Worlds of Human Beings having their Great Warriors, are Entering Your Mouths, which are Blazing with Fiery Lights.’ [Bhagwad Geeta – Chapter 11, Verse 28].

‘Yatha Pradiptam Jvalanam Patanga

Vishanti Nashaya Samrddha-Vegah

Tathaiva Nashaya Vishanti Lokas

Tavapi Vaktrani Samrddha-Vegah’. [Bhagwad Geeta – Chapter 11, Verse 29].

Meaning: As Moths for their Destruction, with the Full Speed Enter a Blazing Fire, Similarly For their Destruction All Manifested Worlds called ‘Lokas’, with the Full Speed are Entering Your Mouths. [Bhagwad Geeta – Chapter 11, Verse 29].

‘Lelihyase Grasamanah Samantal

Lokan Samagran Vadanair Jvaladbhih

Tejobhir Apurya Jagat Samagram

Bhasas Tavograh Pratapanti Vishno’ [Bhagwad Geeta – Chapter 11, Verse 30].

Meaning: ‘O Vishnu, Your Blazing Mouths are Licking and Devouring All the Worlds called ‘Lokas’ from All Directions with Your Intense and Scorching Rays, Covering the Entire Manifested Universe called ‘Jagat’ with Your Radiating Effulgence.’ [Bhagwad Geeta – Chapter 11, Verse 30].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Informed the Tamil Sngam, that during the End Period of Dvapara Yuga, when the Ongoing Evolutionary Cycle Manifested upon this Planet Earth was Gradually Descending toward the Fast Approaching ‘Denser Frequencies’ of Dark Period called ‘Kala Yuga’ [Most Materialistic Age with ‘Almost No Enlightenment’ of the Embodied Spirit called ‘Jeevathama’], the Great ‘Ishvara’ [Venkateshvara, Hari Vishnu] Avatar ‘Shri Krishna’, who Due to the ‘Great Conspiracy’ Formulated Against His Incarnated Human Form, by the ‘False Pride’ Members [Ahankari, Ghamandi] of both the Invisible ‘Siddhashrama, and Gyanashrama’ Control Centers of this Planet Earth, thus during Most of His Incarnated Human Life ‘More or Less’ Kept ‘His True Universal Identity’ Practically a Top ‘Secret’ by living like a Common Human, and thus Even Having the Most Venerated ‘Universal Status’ Still stayed ‘Hidden’ from All of the Coexisting Humanity of this Planet Earth.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Disclosed to the Tamil Sangam, that although both the Invisible Suras [Hermaphrodite Angelic Hierarchies commonly called Devi-Devtas] and the Asuras [Demonic Hierarchies including Rakshasa’s and Yakshasa’s] were ‘Mostly Aware’ of His Presence upon this Planet Earth during His Incarnated Human Life, Still ‘None’ of these ‘Two Main Groups’ Openly Came Forward to Faithfully ‘Serve’ His ‘Incarnated Human Form’ as their Great Lord ‘Ishvara’ [Venkateshvara, Hari Vishnu], and Instead Directly or Indirectly ‘Foolishly Sided’ with the ‘Conspirator Controllers’ of this Planet Earth, who during His Entire Life Span were Always Incorporating ‘Conspirator Plans’, and Trying to Deceitfully Cause a ‘Great Harm’ to His Incarnated Human Form.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Added, that Even the Great Ruler Lord of All Devas [Angelic Hierarchies] with a ‘Kingly Title’ named ‘Indra’ of the Heavenly Dimensional World called ‘Sva’ or ‘Svarga Loka’, by considering Him just an ‘Another Human ‘ with ‘No’ Absolute Powers to Match His ‘Angelic Superiority’, thus ‘Foolishly Tried’ to Cause Him a ‘Great Harm’ and to All of those Human Followers living in the ‘Govardhana Parvata’ Area [A Small Hill Range Located on the Outskirts of Vrindavana and Mathura City in UP, South of Delhi, India], through the Continuous Onslaught of His ‘Thunderbolt Lightening’ and ‘Extensive Rainfall Waters’, who being Faithful to Lord Shri Krishna, Even being Very Few in Numbers Still Believed in Him due to His ‘Supernatural Wisdom and Powers’, and thus the Heavenly Lord ‘Indra’ and ‘His Team of Angelic Followers’ belonging to the Heavenly World of ‘Svarga Loka’ Still Could not Cause ‘Any Harm’ to ‘Lord Shri Krishna’ or His ‘Few Followers’, but for this ‘Heinous Crime’ Committed against their ‘Universal Preserver Lord’, Vitally Incarnated in a Human Form, they ‘All’ along with This Planets So Called Venerated Invisible Controllers, also thus Faced the Utmost Punishment of Being Sent to 28th Hellish World of ‘Great Tortures’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Added, that the Great Avatar Lord ‘Shri Krishna’ was Perfectly Able to Keep His ‘True Identity’ More or Less a ‘Secret’ from Most Humanity while living upon this Planet Earth until the Time of Great Mahabhartha War, when Seeing the ‘Fast Approaching End’ of ‘All’ the Great Yakshasa’s and Rakshasa’s Leaders, who All were ‘Originally Established’ by ‘Himself’ to Perform their Various Types of Leadership Roles among the Evolving Humanity, and at that Particular ‘Time Period’ of this Planet, they All also by Having ‘Many Incarnated Human Forms’, were living Around ‘Him’ Mostly as His ‘Human Relatives and Friends’ among the Gradually Evolving Humanity, to Vitally Exist as the Mighty ‘Kaurvas’ and their Various ‘Supporters’, then at that Starting Point of ‘Mahabhartha War’, the Great Lord Shri Krishna ‘Mercifully’ Decided to Finally ‘Reveal Himself’ to His ‘Confused’ Disciple Friend ‘Arjuna’, Vitally Engulfed by the Ensuing Sentiments at the ‘Kurukshetra Battlefield’, who being Stuck in the Dense Frequencies of ‘Mamta’ [Physical World Attachments], which all were Wrongfully Impulsed upon His ‘Human Mind’ by the ‘Invisible Controllers’ of this Planet, thus got ‘Deluded’ at the ‘Last Minute’ and becoming ‘Sentimental and Emotional’ then Refused to ‘Do His Duty’ of a ‘Kshatriya Warrior’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Disclosed to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that when the Ruling ‘Rakshasa’s and Yakshasa’s’, who were then Living in their ‘Incarnated Human Forms’ as the ‘Kauravas’ and their ‘Innumerable Supporters’ upon this Physical World [Bhu Loka] of Planet Earth, they All due to the Main Vice of ‘False Pride and Haughtiness’ did not Paid Any ‘Attention’ or ‘Heed’ to the Most Valuable ‘Various Suggestions’ of the Great Lord ‘Shri Krishna’, which thus becoming as a Dead End For the Haughty Kaurvas, Who All ‘Totally Refused’ to Return ‘Even’ a ‘Very Small Portion’ of the ‘Stolen Property’ to the Rightful Owner ‘Pandavas’ thus Ultimately Caused the ‘Great Mahabhartha War’, Producing An ‘Extensive ‘Damage’ and Dissolution’ to Many of the ‘Evolutionary Souls’, as well as Resulted in the ‘Total Extinction’ of ‘Many’ of the Invisible Hierarchies [Arupa Shreynis], which Vitally belonged to both of the ‘Suras’ [Angelic Hierarchies] and ‘Asuras’ [Demonic Hierarchies] Groups.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Added, that This Mahabhartha War of Epic Proportions, which Vitally Ensued between the Two Rival Groups of ‘Kaurvas and Pandavas’, Causing a ‘Great and Extensive’ Damage to both the Invisible [Arupa] and Visible [Rupa] Vital Conscious Existences of this Planet Earth, as well as Producing the ‘Annihilating Damage’ as a Side Effect to their 2 Main Control Centers Called ‘Janana Ashrama’ and ‘Siddhashrama’, and also to All of their Various Subsidiary ‘Satellite Offices’ which all are also Vitally situated at ‘Various Ethereal Locations’ of this Planet Earth, which being a ‘Great Damage’ thus Dangerously put the Entire Ongoing Evolution in ‘Peril and Shambles’, which has been Vitally Manifested upon this Planet Earth Mainly for the ‘Spiritual Purposes’, and Caused the ‘Extensive Loss’ of Great Knowledge and Wisdom to Evolving Human races and also to their Coexisting ‘Suras’ [Angelic Hierarchies, Widely Termed as the Gods and Goddesses], and the ‘Asuras’ [Demonic Hierarchies of Both the Higher and Lower Kinds], who All are Also Gradually Evolving According to their Own Evolutionary Cycles upon this Planet Earth, as well as in this Vitally Manifested Solar Universe [Aditiya Mandla].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Added, that ‘All Those’ Miscreant Leaders, who were ‘Permanently Destroyed’ with their Marked off ‘Total Extinctions’, even after Having Attained ‘Exalted Consciousness’, which was Vitally Attained by them Gradually Going through the Various Bygone Ages [Yuga Cycles], thus due to their ‘Extensive False Pride’ [Ahankara, Ghamanda], which made them ‘Foolishly Commit’ a ‘Unforgiveable Heinous Crime’ against their Great Preserver Lord ‘Ishvara’ Avatar ‘Shri Krishna’, were then ‘Getting Ready’ to be Teleported’ at a ‘Universal Speed’ which is Much Greater Even than the ‘Speed of Light’, to Forever Face the ‘Extreme Tortures’ for ‘Eternity’ in the 28th Hellish World, whose ‘Whereabouts’ have been Unknown, and will ‘Forever Stay Unknown’ in the Entire Manifested Infinite Universe, then at that ‘Junction’ they ‘All’ Cried and Begged for the Great Lords ‘Ineffable Mercy’, to Give them a ‘One Last Chance’, so they All Can Correct Themselves by Totally Discarding the Great Vice of ‘False Pride’ from their ‘Vital Consciousness’, and Thus Prove ‘Worthy’ to Stay in the Ongoing Evolutionary Process rather than being ‘Forever Condemned’, and then Faithfully Try to Go Beyond the Higher Dimensional World of ‘Brahma Loka’ [Janana Loka, Maha Nirvana Kshetra, Sharam Khandda], which is the Main Source of All ‘Illusory Matrix’ [Maya Paripancha] Formulated in the Entire Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Finally Concluded to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the Great Lord ‘Ishvara’ [Venkateshvara, Hari Vishnu] Knowing ‘Full Well’, that these So Called ‘Exalted Conscious Holder Controllers’ of this Planet Earth, who due to ‘False Pride’ of Attained Supernatural Powers [Siddhis], in their ‘Conspirator Mode’ Mercilessly Acted against His Great Avatar ‘Shri Krishna’, then after a Long Period of ‘Some Thousand Years’, Will Again ‘Still Falter’ in the Future, by ‘Willfully Going Against’ His Various ‘Avatars’ [Incarnated God Consciousness], which as per the ‘Established Evolution’ are Supposed to ‘Cyclically Incarnate’ upon this Planet Earth, But Still to Make A UNIVERSAL RECORD of His ‘INEFFABLE MERCY’, whose Various Copies for All ‘Educational Purposes’ are Simultaneously Sent to ‘His Own Preserving Centers’, which ‘All’ are Vitally Located in Various Other ‘Solar Universes [Aditya Mandlas], Constellations [Rashi Mandlas], as well as in All of the Other Galaxies [Brahmanda Mandlas], then ‘Mercifully’ Allowed them A ONE FINAL CHANCE, to ‘Get Rid’ of their ‘Imbedded Egos’ Caused by their Various ‘Attainments’ and ‘Achievements’ of Supernatural ‘Powers and Possessions’ [Riddhis, Siddhis, Niddhis], which All Get Vitally Obtained in the Illusory MATRIX [Paripancha] having its ‘Great Expanded Territory’, which also Vitally Includes the Higher Dimensional World of ‘Brahma Loka’ [Janana Loka, Maha Nirvana Kshetra, Sharama Khandda], which All are the Main Source of their ‘False Pride’ [Ahankara, Ghamanda].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Added, that because of the ‘Open Revolt’ of ‘Devas’ [Gods-Goddesses] ‘Foolishly Caused’ under the Leadership of their ‘Lord Indra’ of the Heavenly World, Against their Great Ishvara Avatar ‘Shri Krishna’ while living in His incarnated Human Form, as well by the ‘Willful Attacks’ of the ‘Rakshasa and Yakshasa Leaders’ like the ‘Jarasindha and Kamsa’ and the Notable ‘Siddha’ Controllers of the Invisible Control Centers, the ‘Open Worship’ of Venerated ‘Indra and Many Others’ which used to get Faithfully Performed through the ‘Fire Sacrifices’ [Yajanas] by the Gradually Evolving Humanity of this Planet, then after the End of ‘Dvapara Yuga’ [Third Cyclic Age Period upon the Descending Arc], thus Simultaneously also Ended for them upon this Planet Earth.

To Be Continued…

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