Chapter 13

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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 13

The Great Sage Agathiyar, after Gracefully Explaining about the First ‘Three Higher Dimensional Eye Worlds’ of the Six Higher Dimensional Eye Worlds [Shashtam Urdhava Chakshu Lokas], then further started to Explain, all the gathered Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, about the ‘Fourth Higher Dimensional Eye World’ [Chaturtha Urdhava Chakshu Loka], which is Also Considered as a Higher Dimensional World [Urdhava Loka] of ‘’Utmost Importance’’ for all the Gradually Evolving Vital Conscious Existences of Current ‘Manvantra’ [Time Cycle of Many Eons], being their ‘Ultimate Goal’ of Attaining it during the Cyclic Time Period of this Current ‘Manvantra’, which Embodies in its Parametric Space those 4 Lower Levels of that Higher Dimensional World of All Subjective and Objective Creations, which is commonly known among the Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages as the ‘Brahma Loka’ [Janana Loka, Maha Nirvana Kshetra, Sharamma Khandda].

But before explaining about this ‘Fourth Dimensional Eye World’, the Great Sage Agathiyar Wanted to Clarify an Important Fact [Mukhya Tathya] about the ‘Second Dimensional Eye World’ [Dvitiya Urdhava Chakshu Loka], Which He ‘Willfully Left Out’ Earlier to cause ‘Spiritual Questionings’ in the ‘Contemplating Minds’ of the Gathered Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’. The Great Sage Agathiyar while Previously Explaining about the ‘Second Dimensional Eye World’, Willfully Held the Important Information about the Middle or the 4th Dimensional Level of the ‘Bhava Loka’ [Magnetic Liquid Dimensional World of ‘Sentiments, Emotions, and Feelings], which Vitally Exists manifested in the Parametric Ethereal Space of ‘Triloka’ [Three Inter-penetrating Dimensional Worlds], which He Did not Included during His Previous Discourse, Either Mentioning it in the First Dimensional Eye World, or in the Second Dimensional Eye World.

Regarding this Anomaly, and to Clarify the Withheld Information, the Great Sage Agathiyar Further Disclosed to ‘Tamil Sangam’, an Another Important Fact [Vishesha Tathya] about the Magnetic Liquid Dimensional World of ‘Bhava Loka’ [Liquid Magnetic Dimensional World of Sentiments, Emotions and Feelings, which Actually cause all Types of Attachments], that even though about this Dimensional world of ‘Bhava Loka’, He had Already Explained Much during His Earlier Discourse, and although this ‘Bhava Loka’ also has the 7 Levels of Intellectual Activities, their Differentiated Grades of Ethereal Magnetic Liquid Matter, which is Vitally Embodied by the Fiery Elemental Essences known in Sanskrit as ‘Agni Suryas’ [Fiery Elemental Essence Lives of Golden Radiance Hue], has over the Past Evolutionary ‘Manvantra’, Became More or Less Closely Integrated without having ‘Much Left out Ethereal Differentiations’, and thus the Entire Dimensional World of ‘Bhava Loka’ [The Great World of Liquid Sentiments, Emotions and Feelings] having its 7 Dimensional Levels with Integrated ‘Magnetic Liquid Matter’ is Collectively known by All the ‘Seers and Sages’ as the ‘Bhava Sagara’ [The Great Ocean of Sentiments, Emotions, and Feelings], whose Magnetic Liquids Frequencies can Easily ‘Bind’ the Evolving Consciousness of all Vital Conscious Existence’s whose ‘Various Unfilled Desires’ Related to the ‘ILLUSORY MATRIX’ [MAYA PARIPANCHA], still Vitally Exist as the ‘Desired Attachments’ [Moha] even after Entering the Levels of this Dimensional World.

The Great Sage Agathiyar further added, that Various Types of ‘Desired Attachments’, which Get Formulated during the ‘Tenure of their Cyclic life’ in Bhu Loka [Dense Physical World], later become their ‘Binding Shackles’ and thus Stay ATTACHED as ‘BINDINGS’ [BANDHANA] With the PERSONALITY CONSCIOUSNESS’ [JEEVATAMA], after death of their Incarnated Body in Bhu Loka [Dense Physical World], and after Vitally Entering this Next World of ‘Bhava Loka’, these ‘Liquid Magnetic Frequencies’ of this Dimensional World ‘Bhava Loka’, Appearing to their Vital Consciousness as a ‘Great Ocean’ [Maha Sagara] Drown them in its Manifested Levels. So the Middle or the 4th Level of this ‘Bhava Loka’ is ‘Most Important’ For All Vital Conscious Existences of ‘Bhu Loka’ [Dense Physical World], to Vitally Cross it without Ever Getting Entangled in All Types of ‘Magnetic Liquid Binding Attachments’ [Moha], to Gracefully Enter Further Levels of the ‘Second Dimensional Eye World’, about which, Much has been Already Explained Previously.

The Great Sage thus Further added that, the Middle or the 4th Level of this ‘Bhava Loka’, about which He Previously Willfully Held Away the Vital Information’s, can be thus Also Considered as Part of the ‘First Dimensional Eye World’, as well as of the ‘Second Dimensional Eye World’, Making the both ‘Dimensional Eye Worlds’ with a Temporary Level Number of ‘8’ Levels, [ Number 8 is Considered as The Mathematical Number of Infinity], which has been Considered as Such through Various Ages of this Current Manvantra, per the Intended Aspirations of the Gradually ‘Evolving Vital Conscious Existences’, who in Great numbers Willfully ‘Prefer to Get Vitally Stuck’ in the Magnetic Liquid Matter of this Dimensional World, due to their Various Types of Material World’s [Bhu Loka] ‘Attachments’ [Moha], and after Getting Drowned in its Liquid Magnetic Frequencies, Due to FREE WILL DISTORTED LONGINGS, then Fall Downwards ‘Bound and Mounted’ upon the Descending Arc of Involution [Vital Consciousness Involvement in Matter] of the Great Evolutionary Spiral, proceeding back to the Denser Physical World of ‘Bhu Loka’ [Assiah, Mritu Loka].

The Great Sage also added a ‘Precautionary Note’, for the Devoutly Listening Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that Sometimes if the ‘Binding Attachments’ of the Downwards Falling ‘Vital Conscious Existences’ are of Very Dense Nature, then those ‘Bound and Mounted’ upon the Descending Arc of Involution can Continue to Fall Downward Further from the ‘Bhu Loka’ [Physical World, Assiah] into the Realms of Lower Dimensional Worlds [Adho Lokas], about which he will Explain them Later.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, while Revealing the Secret Wisdom [Ghuya Janana] about this Liquid Magnetic Dimensional World of Sentiments, Emotions, and Feelings [Bhava Loka, Astral World, Yetzirah], also Further Disclosed an another Important Fact [Vishesha Tathya], that all the ‘7 Magnetic Liquid Levels’ of this Dimensional World ‘Bhava Loka’ have ‘Direct Correspondence’ to the ‘7 Ethereal Levels’ of the Higher Dimensional ‘Maha Loka’ [The Great Dimensional World of Intuitional World, also termed by Seers and Sages, as the Gyana Khandda, Moksha Kshtera, and Nirvana Kshetra & Atziluth], about which much has already been Explained Previously.
[4] Fourth Dimensional Eye World – The Great Sage Agathiyar, by Continuing Further to Explain, then Gracefully Disclosed to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the ‘Fourth Higher Dimensional Eye World’, which Vitally Exists in the Group of 6 Higher Dimensional Eye Worlds [Shashtam Urdhava Chakshu Lokas] gets Vitally Formulated, due to Embodiment of Interpenetrating 3 Upper Ethereal Levels of the ‘Maha Loka’, and the 4 Lower Ethereal Levels of the Next Higher Dimensional World of ‘Janana Loka’ [The Great Dimensional World of Formulating and Creative Wisdom] to Vitally Exist as this 4th Dimensional Eye World. Thus this Fourth Dimensional Eye World [Chaturtha Urdhava Chakshu Loka], in Totality also have the ‘Seven Differentiated Levels of Vital Consciousness’ [4 of Janana Loka + 3 of Maha Loka = 7 Levels of Chaturtha Chakshu Loka], whose ‘Vital Ethereal Matter’ Collectively Compose this ‘Fourth Dimensional Eye World’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar further added, that this Fourth Dimensional Eye World is Vitally Governed by those Exalted ‘Vital Conscious Existences’, Who among All Seers and Sages are known as the ‘Mind Born Sons’ [Manas Putras] of the Creator Father ‘Brahma’, who per Needs use Various Types of ‘Advanced Spiritual Techniques’, to Vitally Formulate those ‘Patterned Formulas’, which they vitally receive through the Heavily Guarded ‘Established Channels’ known in Sanskrit as ‘Suddhasutra Nadis’, from the Next Higher ‘Fifth Dimensional Eye World’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar also revealed a ‘Great Secret Fact’ [Athi Ghuyam Tathya], about the ‘Creator Father Brahma’, that ‘Creator Father Brahma’ is None other than the ‘One and Only’ Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of Infinite Universe ‘Himself’ in his Differentiated ‘Third Conscious Aspect’, which at the ‘Very Start’ of Creating Forms, He Vitally Manifested Himself through ‘His Desired Will’, to Vitally Act as the Creator Father of All Vital Consciousness’s, and also of their Innumerable Types of ‘Subjective and Objective Forms’, which Could be Appropriately Embodied by All Vital Consciousness’s to Gradually Acquire the Required ‘Spiritual Experiences’ per the Set Rules and Regulations of ‘Established Evolutionary Process’, Continuously Proceeding Forward through Various Cycles of Involutions [Involving into Matter], and Evolutions [Evoking out of Matter], with in Between Designated Cycles of Rest [Cycles of Inactivity, which include
Various Pralayas].

The Great Sage Agathiyar further added, that the ‘Ancient Seers and Sages’ in the Very Ancient Times , Willfully ‘Codified’ the Great Secret of ‘Maheshvara, Ishvara, and Brahma’, Who All being the Three Separate Differentiation’s of the Same ‘One Vital Consciousness’ of Infinite Universe, Gracefully Manifested through the Eventuated ‘Willed Desire’ of the ‘One and Only Father Lord’, thus Gracefully Emanating Out of the ‘Desire Mind’ of their Same Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of ‘Brahmanda’ [Infinite Universe].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Informed the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that for the Gradually Evolving Human Beings of this Planet Earth [Prithvi Greha], the Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages of Ancient Times also ‘Codified’ this ‘Great Fact of Extreme Importance’, which Pertained to the ‘Vital Truth’ [Satya] of the One and Only Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’. This ‘Undeniable Fact’ was ‘Codified’ by the ‘Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages’ of Ancient Times, in the Depicted Form of a ‘Three Faced Idol’, which was named by them in Sanskrit as the ‘Trimurthi’ [Three Faced Fused Form].

Regarding this Fourth Dimensional Eye World, the Great Sage Agathiyar Finally Concluded, that the Great Creator Father ‘Adi Param Shiva’ Himself Assumed the Role of ‘Universal Creator’ [Brahma] in this Important Dimensional Eye World, Because it is Where He First Formulated the Vital Consciousness of All Vital Conscious Existences, which were Supposed to Carry out their Intended Roles of being the ‘Suras’ [Angelic Beings, also known as Devas], and the Siddhas [Masters of All Supernatural Perfections] in the Universe [Brahmanda]. And for this Very Reason Many Seers and Sages have Vitally Termed this ‘Fourth Dimensional Eye World’ as the ‘Dimensional Segment of Divine Works’ [Shramma Khandda].

To Be Continued…

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