Chapter 14

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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 14

The Great Sage Agathiyar, after Gracefully Explaining to Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, about the First ‘4 Higher Dimensional Eye Worlds’ of the Six Higher Dimensional Eye Worlds [Shashtam Urdhava Chakshu Lokas], then Gracefully further started to Explain them, about the Rest of the Highest ‘2 Higher Dimensional Eye World’s’, Which according to Established Evolutionary Plan and Purpose of the Great Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, Except For a ‘Chosen Few’ of the Highest Devotional Values [Bhakthas], is ‘Not Meant’ for Others to ‘Vitally Attain’ in the ‘Current Period of Ongoing Manvantra’ [Time Period of Many Mahayugas].

The Great Sage Further disclosed to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that All those ‘Chosen Few’ Exalted Vital Consciousness’s are Termed as the ‘True Devotee’s [Satyam Bhakthas] of the Great Creator Father Lord, who all With Intense and Great Longing’s, Consciously Decide to Vitally Merge ‘Themselves’, Either in the Most Radiant Vital Consciousness of the ‘One and Only’ Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of the Universe [Brahmanda], Or Vitally Merge in ‘His Second Differentiated Conscious Manifestation’, which Originally Got Manifested in ‘Tapah Loka’ [Dimensional World of ‘Life Giving and Preserving’ Radiant Heat], who is Vitally known to All Ancient Vedic Seers and Sages as the ‘Ishvara’, and also later Known Among them as the ‘Hari Vishnu’ or Simply ‘Vishnu’, and ‘Narayana & Adonai’ thus Revered also by all these Holy Names among All His Devotees.

The Great Sage Agathiyar further added, that all those Exalted Conscious Devotees, who later Chose to Call ‘Ishvara’ as the ‘Hari Vishnu’, the Second Differentiated Vital Conscious Manifestation of the Same ‘One’ Great Father Lord Adi Param Shiva’, which was Originally Termed by the Ancient Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages in Ancient Vedic Times as the ‘Ishvara’, thus later to be known as the ‘Hari Vishnu’ or Simply ‘Vishnu’, also Termed this  Rarer Ethereal Dimensional World of ‘Tapah Loka’, being the Vital Domain of the Great Life ‘Giving and Preserving’ Lord ‘Vishnu,’ as the ‘Vishnu Loka’, as well as the ‘Vaikuntha’, and in the Great Domain of WESTERN ARYAN LANDS, Collectively Called as ‘ARIRASHTRA’ [ARATTA],, it is Popularly Known as the ‘AIN SOPH’ [OVAL SEGMENT OF ‘ADONAI’].

About these ‘Exalted Conscious Devotees’ [Bhakthas] of the ‘Great Father Lord’, the Great Sage Agathiyar Further Disclosed to the Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that these All Devotees [Bhakthas] Proceed Further from the Parametric Ethereal Space of the ‘4th Higher Dimensional Eye World’, Devotedly Mounted Upon the Ascending Arc of Evolutionary Spiral, to Vitally Enter the 5th Higher Dimensional Eye World, by performing Advanced Spiritual Practices of ‘Intense Devotional Mind’, to be ‘Vitally Become One’ with Either, His First Differentiated Vital Conscious Form, Vitally Manifested with His Own ‘Desired Will’ in Universe [Brahmanda], and Later termed by Ancient Seers and Sages as ‘Maheshvara’, Or with His Second Differentiated Vital Conscious Form, later termed by the Ancient Seers and Sages as ‘Ishvara’ [‘ISHA’ OF ‘ISHANA KONA’, ‘ADONAI’, NARAYANA].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Explained to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that These Two Higher Dimensional Eye Worlds [Urdhava Chakshu Lokas] are thus ‘Not Meant’ as the ‘’Intended Goal’’ for Almost Rest of All Gradually Evolving Vital Conscious Existences of the Ongoing Current ‘Manvantra’ [Time Cycle of Many Eons], even though Some of them Might have Already Vitally Attained the ‘Exalted Conscious’ Higher Dimensional World of ‘Brahma Loka’ [The Dimensional Domain of the Creator Father ‘Brahma’ [Tatapurusha of Martutha or Vayu Konah], which is also known among Seers and Sages as the Janana Loka, Maha Nirvana Kshetra, and Sharamma Khandda] , and thus Still WILLFULLY ASPIRE to Attain the PRIZED IMMORTAL WORLD OF ‘TAPAH LOKA’ [VAIKUNTHA, AIN SOPH, KARAM KHANDDA], in this Current ‘MANVANTRA’ [TIME PERIOD OF MANY EONS], with FOCUSED MIND Intense Practices of UTMOST DEVOTION.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further added, that during the Current Tenure of the Ongoing Cyclic ‘Manvantra’, for Anyone to Devotionally Proceed Further, by Willfully Mounting upon the ‘Ascending Arc of the Evolutionary Spiral’, and Gradually Ascend Upward from the Parametric Ethereal Space of the ‘4th Higher Dimensional Eye’, is Termed as the ‘Ultimate Devotional Process’ [Uchhatam Bhakthi], by All Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages.

The Great Sage Further Informed the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that this ‘Devotional Process of Par Excellence’ is Considered as Part and Parcel of the ‘Most Auspicious Efforts’ among All Exalted Vital Conscious Existence’s, as it Requires the ‘Ultimate Force’ of ‘Great Devotional Efforts’ of the ‘Purest Mind’, to become ‘Vitally One’ with the ‘Vital Consciousness’ of Either ‘Ishvara’ in ‘Tapah Loka’ [Dimensional World of Radiant Heat] or with the Vital Consciousness of ‘Maheshvara’ [‘AJA EKA PADA MAHA KAALA RUDRA’, ‘EL’,, ‘AL’, THE GREAT LORD OF ‘AIN SEGMENT’] in ‘Satyam Loka’ [Dimensional World of Absolute Truth], to Finally Vitally Exist in their ‘Most Exalted Conscious State of Vitality’, which All the Great ‘Seers and Sages’ of Most Exalted Consciousness Always Aspire to ‘Ultimately Attain’ in Brahmanda [Infinite Universe].

[5] Fifth Dimensional Eye World – The Great Sage Agathiyar, by Continuing Further to Explain, then Gracefully Further Disclosed to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the ‘Fifth Higher Dimensional Eye World’ [Panchama Urdhava Chakshu Loka], which Vitally Exists in the Group of 6 Higher Dimensional Eye Worlds [Shashtam Urdhava Chakshu Lokas] gets Vitally Formulated, due to Embodiment of Interpenetrating 3 Upper Ethereal Levels of the ‘Janana Loka’, and the 4 Lower Ethereal Levels of the Next Higher Dimensional World of ‘Tapah Loka’ [The Great Dimensional World of Radiant Heat], to Vitally Exist in Universe as this 5th Dimensional Eye World. Thus this Fifth Dimensional Eye World [Panchama Urdhava Chakshu Loka], in Totality also have the ‘Seven Differentiated Levels of Vital Consciousness’ [4 of Tapah Loka + 3 of Janana Loka = 7 Levels of Panchama Chakshu Loka], whose ‘Vital Ethereal Matter’ of Considerable ‘Greater Rarities’, Collectively Compose this ‘Fifth Dimensional Eye World’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, Further Disclosed to the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that those Vital Conscious Existences, termed as the ‘Great Devotees of the Lord’ [Bhakthas], who ‘Drenched in Devotional Love’ Without Any ‘False Pride’ [Ahankara, Ghamanda] of Their Achieved ‘Spiritual Attainments’, then Vitally Proceed Further by Willfully Mounting upon the Ascending Arc of the ‘Evolutionary Spiral’, and ‘Devotionally Succeed’ in their Vital Efforts to Finally Enter the Parametric Ethereal Space of this ‘Fifth Dimensional Eye World’,

The Great Sage Agathiyar further added, that upon Vitally Entering this Dimensional Eye World [Chakshu Loka], and then Attaining the ‘Utmost Creative Wisdom’ of its First Three Lower Levels, which are Technically the ‘Top Three Dimensional Levels’ of the ‘Janana Loka’ [Dimensional World of Creative and Formative Wisdom], they ‘Radiantly Attain’ the ‘Most Auspicious Title’ of ‘Brahma Gyani’ [The Embodiment of Total Creative Wisdom], Meaning that their ‘Vital Consciousness’ has then ‘Vitally Merged’ in the Third Differentiated Consciousness of the One and Only Great Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, whose Manifested ‘Third Differentiated Consciousness Formation’ has been Vitally known since very Ancient Times among All Exalted Vital Conscious ‘Seers and Sages’ as the ‘Adi Brahma’, or also Simply as the ‘Brahma’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar, Gracefully Further added, that in the 4 Higher Levels of this 5th Dimensional Eye World, All ‘Exalted Conscious Devotees’ [Bhakthas], after Attaining their Exalted Conscious Status of ‘Brahma Gyani’, then Gradually Start to Learn the ‘Ultimate Secrets of Illusion’ [Maya], which at the ‘Very Start’ was Duly ‘Formulated and Created’ with ‘Supernatural Perfections’ [Siddhis] by the Ishvara [Hari Vishnu] Himself, The ‘Divine Process’, which Vitally took place after the ‘Divine Utterings’ of the Great Father Creator Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ in ‘Nairutya Kona’ [South West Corner of the Egg Shaped Ethereal Brahmanda], which He Himself Eventuated through His ‘Willed Desire’, thus Vitally Uttering them from His Divinely Manifested 2nd face, which is known among All Seers and Sages as the ‘Saddhojata Mukha’[The Birthing Face of All Perfections].

The Great Sage Agathiyar also Gracefully Disclosed, Among the Gathered Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that about this Utmost Secret Knowledge [Ati Guhyam Janana], Concerning the Great Illusory Force of Universe, Reverently Termed by the Ancient Seers and Sages in Sanskrit as the ‘Maha Maya’, which Vitally Keeps the Evolving Minds of All ‘Gradually Evolving’ as well as of the ‘Evolved’ Vital Conscious Existence’s of the Entire Universe [Brahmanda], Vitally Engrossed in Various Types of Binding Attachments of ‘Delusion’ [Double Mindedness Regarding Manifested Duality] including the ‘False Pride’ [Ahankara, Ghamanda] of ‘Attaining Various Achievements’, a Great Illusion, which is a Part and Parcel of the Manifested ‘Dwaita’ [Duality] in Universe, Regarding which the Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ Himself Hinted in the ‘Yogajam Shivoagama’, the ‘Suksham Shivoagama’, the Anshumana Shivoagama, and the ‘Suprabheda Shivoagama’ respectively, which All were uttered by his Divine ‘Saddhojata Mukha’ [The Birthing Place of All Perfections, termed in Sanskrit as ‘Siddhis’], in the ‘Nairutya Kona’ [South West Angular Space], of Vitally Manifested Unfathomably Huge ‘Brahmanda’ [Egg Shaped Infinite Universe].

The Great Sage Agathiyar further added, that the Great ‘Ishvara’ Formulated and Subsequently ‘Patterned’ this ‘Great Illusory Force of Universe’ [Maha Maya] in the Confinements of ‘Tapah Loka’, which is also known as the ‘Vishnu Loka’ or the ‘Vaikuntha’ [AIN SOPH], so it can be Vitally Utilized as per the ‘Established Plan and Purpose of the Great Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, to Subsequently Formulate the Vitally Needed ‘Parpancha’ [Illusory Matrix, Vitally Formulated through the Various Interactions of the ‘Five Rays of Intellectual Activities], in the Various Subjective and Objective Dimensional Worlds of Universe [Brahmanda].

The Great Sage Gracefully Further Informed the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that as the Top Four Levels of this 5th Dimensional Eye World, are in fact also a Part and Parcel of the ‘Tapah Loka’, being its 4 Lower Ethereal Levels, that is why all those ‘Exalted Conscious Devotees’ [Bhakthas] of the Great Father Lord, who Vitally Enter their Parametric Space, Gets a Chance to Fully Understand the Various Intricate Aspects of ‘Maha Maya’ [The Great Illusory Force], whose Various ‘Permutations and Combinations’ of ‘JYOTIRMAYA EVAM ARUDAM RASHMIS’ [GEOMETRICAL & NUMEROLOGY FREQUENCIES] are Vitally Utilized in this Particular ‘Eye World’ [Chakshu Loka], to Vitally Formulate Various ‘Patterns’ of All Subjective [Arupa] and Objective [Rupa] Forms, to be Cyclically Utilized by the Great Father Lord ‘Ishvara’ [Hari Vishnu, Narayana, Adonai], who being the ‘Formulator, Creator, and Preserver’ Lord of All Short, Middle, and Long Cycles in Brahmanda [Infinite Universe], thus Cyclically Introduce or Remove them as per the ‘Evolutionary Needs’ during the ‘Intended or Ongoing Cycles’ of These Dimensional Worlds of Universe [Brahmanda].

The Great Sage Agathiyar then Concluded to the ‘Tamil Sangam’, by revealing this Secret Fact [Ghuyam Tathya], that All the Formulated ‘Patterns’ of All Subjective and Objective Shapes and Sizes, which Various Types of All Vital Conscious Existences, Vitally Embody during the ‘Time Span of their Cyclic Lives’, to Vitally Exist and Acquire Needed Spiritual Experiences in the Evolutionary Levels of Various Dimensional Worlds, are Formulated by the Utilization of the Threefold Qualities [Trigunatmic] of All Energies, Forces, and Powers which Vitally belong to this Great Illusory Force [Maha Maya], Originally Manifested by the Great Lord ‘Ishvara’ Himself. Thus the Great Illusory Force of Universe [Maha Maya] Since the Ancient Times has been also known among Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages as the ‘Vishnu Maya’ [Illusory Force of Lord Ishvara], and the Great Lord ‘Ishvara’ Himself has been Termed as the ‘Maya Pati’ [The Lord of Illusionary Force], as well as the ‘Maya Dhara or Mayadharaye’[The Holder of Illusory Force].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further added, that in All Manifested Dimensional Worlds, which All themselves Subjectively and Objectively came in Vital Existence due to the ‘Eventuated Desired Will’ of ‘One and Only’ Great Creator Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], during the Time Span of ‘Established Cyclic Evolution’ are having in their Levels and Sub Levels those Subjective [Arupa] and Objective [Rupa] Realities of Innumerable Shapes and Sizes, which all are in Fact ‘Illusory’ [Mayavi] and thus should be considered as Such by ‘All Exalted Conscious Vital Existences’, because Most Evolving Vital Conscious Existences Gradually evolving in the Manifested Matrix [Parpancha], under its ‘Delusionary Effects’ [Dwaita], by Living in Segregated Levels of Various Differentiated Conscious Dimensional Worlds, as well as in the Various Zonal Areas of their Sub Levels and Branch Levels, thus Foolishly Consider them as their ‘True Realities’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar as a Precautionary Note, then Gracefully Finally Concluded, to All the Patient Listeners of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that in the Entire Egg Shaped Unfathomable Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], The ‘One and Only’ Great Creator Father Lord’, who Vitally Manifested the ‘Binding Matrix’ [Parpancha] of All Dimensional Worlds, Should ‘Only’ be Considered as the ‘Absolute Truth’ [Bramh Sathya], and All Dimensional Worlds including their Innumerable Various Realities and their Innumerable Visible [Rupa] and Invisible [Arupa] Inhabitants, should Always be Considered by All Exalted Conscious ‘Seers and Sages’ as ‘Illusory’ [Jagat Mithya], due to the ‘False Perceptions of the Senses’, which the Controlling ‘Intellectual, but Worldly Mind of ‘VISIBLE’ [RUPA] & INVISIBLE [ARUPA] HIERARCHIES under the Encompassing Effects of the ‘Five Rays’ of Intellectual Activities, thus  Consider the Manifested Matrix [Parpancha] as ‘Real’ during the Entire Tenure of their Cyclic Life.

To Be Continued…

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