Chapter 3

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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 3

The Great Sage Agathiyar Further Explained to the Exalted Conscious Siddhars of the Tamil  Sangam about these 28 celestial worlds [Antariksha Lokas Evam Talas] of Intellectual Activities, which correspondingly exist interpenetrating each other’s Parametric Space, while Constantly Moving Forward in Various Varieties of Universal Spiral, Cyclic, and circular Motions to Vitally enhance their Respective Ongoing Gradual Involutions & Evolutions.

Then regarding the ‘7 Higher Dimension Celestial Worlds’ [Saptha Urdhava Lokas], Sage Agathiyar further Gracefully shed His ‘Enlightening Light’ [Gyaanam Prakasha] upon the ‘Secret Knowledge’ [Ghuy Vidya] which pertained to the remaining 4 Higher Dimensional Worlds [Chatur Urdhava Lokas] of the ‘Saptha Urdhava Lokas’, which from the View Point of the ‘Exalted Conscious Evolving Humanity’ namely the ‘’Seers and Sages’’ as well as their Corresponding Evolving Innumerable Angelic Hierarchies, who all have been collectively termed as the ‘Devas and Danavas’ or the ‘Suras and Asuras’ by their Creator Father ‘Adi Param Shiva’, these 4 Higher Dimensional Worlds have been Willfully Vitally Manifested for very Specific Reasons to both ‘Subjectively and Objectively’ exist in the Huge Egg Shaped Parametric Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] of ‘Brahmanda’ [Infinite Universe].

These 4 remaining Higher Dimensional Worlds of Intellectual Activities [Chatur Urdhava Lokas] vitally exist in the Enclosed Parametric Ethereal Space of the Egg Shaped Infinite Universe [Brahmanda] Mainly for their duly Assigned Important roles of Uplifting the Gradually Evolving Spiritual Consciousness of ‘All Vital Conscious Existences’ who have been Vitally manifested in the Parametric Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], Constantly Providing the Required Ways and Means for them so they All can ‘Individually and Collectively’ Finally Reach the Ultimate Goal of attaining the Highest Dimensional world of ‘Radiant Sparkling Spirit’ known in Sanskrit as the ‘Satyam Loka’ [Dimensional World of Truth] and thus finally become a Part and Parcel of this ‘Esteemed World’ being an Embodiment of the ‘Absolute Radiant Truth’ along with all their Gained Spiritual Experiences of the ‘7 Urdhava Lokas’ [7 Higher Dimensional Worlds] which gets Vitally embodied in their Fully Enlightened Radiant Consciousness.

The Vital Compositions of these 4 Higher Dimensional Worlds [Chatur Urdhava Lokas] are mainly composed of the ‘Cosmic Ethereal Matter’ [Antarikhsha Maha Akasha] manifested by the Willed Desire [Bhava] of ‘Adi Param Shiva’ out of the 4 Types of Gradually Differentiated densities, the Most Dense of them all, which are Vitally existing in their Differentiated Ethereal Compositions, is the ‘Great Dimensional World of Intuitional Wisdom’, which has been termed in Sanskrit as the ‘Maha Loka’ meaning ‘The Great World’.

[4] Maha Loka – The Great Sage Agathiyar explained in Great Details about this Great Dimensional World of the Intuitional Wisdom to all the Seers and Sages of ‘’Tamil Shaiv Siddhanta Sangam’’ Gracefully Revealing Many ‘Unknown Secrets of the Higher Wisdom’ [GHUYAM JNANA VIJNANA VIDYA], as He Himself Spent Most of His ‘Vital Conscious Virtues Time Duration’ in the Parametric Ethereal Space of this Dimensional World of Illuminating Enlightenment [BUDDHI NIRVANA KSHETRA, or GYAAN KHANDAM].

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Explained to the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’, that out of the Saptha Urdhava Lokas [7 Higher Dimensional Worlds], this ‘Maha Loka’ [The Great Dimensional World] being the Middle or the Central Dimensional World of all the ‘’7 Higher Worlds of Intellectual Activities’’ is of ‘Utmost Importance’, as its Parametric Ethereal Space Contains both Upper and Lower ‘Urdhava Lokas’ [Higher Dimensional Worlds], although being Composed of the ‘Highest Ethereal Density’, is the ‘Melting Pot’ [Kumbha] for All the ‘Cosmic Vital Ethereal Consciousness’, which according to the ‘Established Evolutionary Plan’ and the ‘Desired Purpose’ of the Great Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, through the Utilization of ‘Spiral motion’ Gradually Proceeded through them Further Either ‘Downwards’ following the ‘Set Rules of Involution’ from the other 3 Higher Dimensional Worlds [Tritya Ucchtam Koti Urdhava Lokas], which are Vitally composed of much lesser Ethereal densities, to Gradually Gain and Embody According to their ‘’Vital Conscious Spiritual Needs’’, the Required Material World Experiences Proceeding through both the Ongoing ‘Involution Process’ of various Cyclic Durations, and also by the Ongoing ‘Evolutionary Process’ through the Process of Gradually Moving Upward having mounted upon the Ascending Arc of the Spiral Motion from the already explained ‘3 Lower Dimensional worlds’ of the ‘Saptha Urdhava Lokas’, which Collectively are Commonly Termed by the Seers and Sages as the ‘’Trilokas’’ as well by evolving Humanity and their Corresponding Angelic Hierarchies of this Planet Earth. This Gradual Upward Ascension of the ‘Evolving Spirit Conscious’ through Gradual Attainment of Various ‘Vital Spiritual Experiences’ first Acquired in the Three Dense Dimensional Worlds [Trilokas] is truly known as the ‘’Evolution of Vital Spirit’’ in Brahmanda [Infinite Universe], Which Gets the Individualized Tiny Specs of the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT, the Appropriate Tools of KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM, which Could Help Them to Further EVOLVE, to Much HIGHER LEVELS OF UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and Gracefully Attain the TWO IMMORTAL DIMENSIONAL WORLDS, and thus become a CHOSEN CANDIDATE, to Further have EXPLORATION JOURNEY through the VAST ETHEREAL SPACE of ‘PARA BRAHMANDA’ [OUTFINITE UNIVERSE].

In the Involution Process the ‘Cosmic Ethereal Consciousness’ while Moving Forward upon the ‘Arc of the Downward Spiral’ [Adho Mukhi Gathisheeltha] from the 3 Higher Dimensional Worlds, which are situated above the Domain of this ‘Maha Loka’, this Ethereal ‘Spirit Consciousness’ Gradually ‘Enters or Involves’ itself into various Formulated Densities of the Subjectively and Objectively ‘’Manifested Matter’’ [Padartha], which in Fact is the ‘Most Densified Form of the Same Spirit Energy’, to be Vitally Embodied into Various Arupa [Invisible] and Rupa [Visible] Shapes and Sizes.

Similarly in the ‘Evolution Process’ also termed by the Seers and Sages as the ‘Process of Ascension’, while Moving forward upon the ‘Arc of the Ascending or Upward Spiral’ those ‘Vital Conscious Spirits’, Who after Gaining the Required Material World experiences of the 3 Lower Denser Material Worlds [Tritya Neechtam Koti Urdhava Lokas], commonly Collectively referred to as the ‘Triloka’ by the Evolving Humanity of this Planet Earth of our Solar Universe [Sor Mandala] and their All Corresponding Angelic Existences [Devas and Danvas], who All are also Gradually Proceeding According to the Established Evolutionary Plan and Willed Purpose of ‘Adi Param Shiva’ thus Moving Upwards upon the Ascending Spiral of ‘Evolutionary Process’ [The Word Evolution denotes the Escaping of the ‘Embodied Vital Spirit Consciousness’  from All the Material World holdings of all Subjective [Arupa] and Objective [Rupa] Denser forms, which have been termed as the Various Types of ‘Bondages’ by the Seers and Sages], thus vitally existing in their ‘Radiant Light Forms of Mostly Bluish White Colors’ after Duly Gaining their Required Liberation [Mukti] from all the ‘Anchoring Bondages’ [Bandhnas] of these Three Denser Worlds [Triloka], to Gracefully attain and receive their Desired ‘Salvation Status’ [Moksha] in the Great Dimensional World of ‘’Maha Loka’’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar Gracefully explained to All the Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that this ‘Maha Loka’ of Radiant Enlightenment [Great Dimensional World of Intuitional Wisdom] is also commonly referred to by the Exalted Conscious Entities & Beings as the ’Moksha Kshetra’, meaning ‘The Dimensional World of Salvation’. Sage Agathiyar explained to the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that It is such named by the Exalted Conscious Evolving Humanity and their Corresponding Angelic Existences, who All are also Gradually Evolving as per their ‘Set Rules’ Established also for them by the Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda], because it is Here where after Mixing with Each Other’s Radiant Vital Consciousness, they for the First Time Since their Inception Properly Understand the ‘True Meaning’ of their ‘Long Journeys’ Vitally Performed during the Tenure of Various Cyclic Involution’s and Evolution’s in the 3 Dimensional worlds of ‘Triloka’ [3 Neechtam Koti Urdhava Lokas], while Gradually Proceeding Forward upon both the ‘Downward and Upward Spiraling Arcs’ of the Ongoing Established Evolutionary Process ‘Set in Place’ at the Very Start of Brahmanda [Infinite Universe] by the ‘Desire Mind’ [Bhava] of their Absolute Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’.

The Radiant Conscious Sage Agathiyar further stated that this ‘Maha Loka’ [Dimensional World of Intuitional Wisdom] of the ‘Saptha Urdhava Lokas’ [7 Higher Dimensional Worlds] being the ‘Middle Dimensional World’ thus Act out its Most Important Role of ‘Merging’ Various Types of ‘Vital Conscious Existences’ to Vitally ‘Harmonize’ their ‘Various Gained Spiritual Experience’ Gradually Attained in the Dense Dimensional Worlds of ‘Triloka’ according to their Choice of utilizing Any One of the Vital ‘Rays of Intellectual Activities’, Which Evolutionary Process of RAY CHOICE is Allowed by the Set Evolutionary Rules of ‘Adi Param Shiva’ due to their Bestowed Conscious Aspect of a ‘’Free Will’’ and thus this ‘Maha Loka’ is also called as the ‘Melting Pot’ [Kumbha] Dimension of All the 7 Higher Dimensional Worlds in Brahmanda [Universe] and due to this very reason is also known among All Exalted Conscious ‘Seers and Sages’ as the ‘’Kumbha Kshetra’’.

The Great Sage Agathiyar further Informed the Exalted Conscious Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that because He HIMSELF spent Most of His ‘Virtuous Time’ in this Great Dimension of ‘Kumbha Kshetra’ [CONTAINER AREA], Having IMPORTANT CONTROLLING DUTIES of Gracefully OVERSEEING & ANALYZING, the MIXING RESULTS of Properly Harmonized RAY VITALITIES,, He has been thus ‘Nicknamed’ by his Exalted Conscious Peers as the ‘KUMBHA MUNI’ [THE CONTAINER SAGE OF ALL WISDOM CONTEMPLATIONS].

The Harmonization of All ‘Vital Conscious Existence’s’ who are Gradually Moving Forward upon the ‘Spiraling Arc of Ascension’ thus in this Great World of Intuitional Wisdom termed in Sanskrit as the ‘Maha Loka’ ends up in Formulating Various ‘Radiant Groups of Divinity’ [Divya Tejas Samuha] having the Grand Vitalities of the ‘Radiating Spiritual Enlightenment’. These Radiant Groups of Enlightenment are numbered to Exist as a Main Core Group of ‘49’ Divinities [7 Higher Dimensional Worlds x 7 Rays of Intellectual Activities = 49 Core Groups of Divine Enlightenment]

This Dimensional World of ‘Maha Loka’ being the Great Store House of ‘All Wisdom’ [SAMASTHA BUDDHI] thus has a Great Control on All the Ongoing ‘Downward Involutions’ as well as has a Great Hold upon all the ‘Upward Evolutions’ of Gradually Involving and Evolving ‘Vital Conscious Ethereal Spirit’ in Brahmanda [Universe], which Continuously Proceed Forward as per the Set Rules of Established Evolutionary Cycles with ‘Certain Periods of in–between Rest Durations’ which are known in Sanskrit as the ‘Pralayas’ [Resting states of Inactivity also commonly termed by Seers and Sages as the ‘Meaningless Chaos’] thus gradually moving Forward through the Descending and Ascending Arcs of the Counterclockwise Spiral Motion, which has been set in motion, in the very beginning by the Great Father lord of the Infinite Universe, ‘Adi Param Shiva’ himself.

This Wisdom World of ‘Maha Loka’ also known among Sages and as the ‘Dimensional World of Enlightenment [Bodhi Loka], as well as the ‘Dimensional Area of Salvation’ [Nirvana Kshetra] is thus that Dimensional World of the Universe, where the Vital Consciousness of the Evolving Humanity after Attaining their Most Desired Salvation Status [Moksha] and the Vital Consciousness of their ‘Corresponding Angelic Beings’ [Devas] Finally Merge Together to continue further as ‘’One’’ Vital Conscious Existence Vitally Proceeding upon the Ascending Spiral of Evolution, with an Ultimate Desired Goal to reach the Highest Dimensional World of All the Manifested 7 Urdhava Lokas, which has been termed as the ‘Satyam Loka’ by the Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, which means the ‘Absolute Dimensional World of Truth’, where The Great Father Lord’s Radiant Presence is Always Felt by All Exalted Vital Consciousness Existences as the ‘’Soothing Light of Absolute Bliss’’ [Nirankaara].

To be Continued…

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