Chapter 4

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The Holy Sage Agastya – Siddha Agathiyar Part 4

The Great Sage Agathiyar, while revealing the ‘Unknown Secret Facts’ [Ghuytam Tathyas] about this Great Dimensional World of Intuitional Wisdom [Maha Loka], also further explained to Gathered Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that All the ‘Rays of Intellectual Activities’ are commonly termed by Exalted Conscious Vital Existences of Universe [Brahmanda] as the ‘Spiraling, Cyclic and Circular Formless Energies’ [Nirankaara Shaktis] of All the Vitally Formulated Subjective and Objective Dimensional Worlds [Urdhava Lokas and Adho Lokas], which all have been Gracefully Manifested by the ‘Desire Mind’s Willed Sentiments’ [Bhava] of the Great Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ in the Vitally Huge Parametric Ethereal Space [Maha Akasha] of Egg Shaped ‘Vistrit Brahmanda’ [Vitally Expanded Cosmos], and in Various Areas of ALL Subjectively & Objectively Manifested EVOLUTIONARY GALAXIES, Which Such ‘AREAS’ [KSHETRAS] Collectively Belong to their Own DIMENSIONAL WORLDS of ‘MAHA LOKA’ [GREAT INTUITIONAL WISDOM WORLD, GYAAN KHANDAM], there is Always an Ongoing SPIRITUAL CORRESPONDENCE, between All Such AREAS [KSHETRAS], which ‘CORRESPONDENCE OF ENLIGHTENMENTS’ [TEJAS ADANA-PRADANA], Gets Continuously Carried Out, through the ‘Unknowable Channels’ [Agyatha Nadis] of the ‘INVISIBLE SPACE WEB FABRIC’ [ADRISHYA AHASHIK VASTRA JAAL], throughout this INFINITE UNIVERSE.

These Nirankara Shaktis [Formless Energies], which in the very beginning Originated as ‘Cosmic Rays’ from an Established ‘Exalted Conscious Central Point’ known in Sanskrit as the ‘Para Bindu’ & ‘Shunya Bindu’ by the Willed Desire [Bhava] of the Great Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, are in fact Composed of numerous ‘Asankhya’ [Uncountable] ‘Sookshayam Jeevas’ [Extremely Small Elemental Essences of all Vitalities], who all by existing in their ‘Treyi Chetna Avastha’, meaning the ‘Three Main Vital Conscious States’ [Conscious, Semi-Conscious, and Unconscious States] have been Vitally Programmed or Given the Important Jobs by the Great Lords desire Mind [Bhava] to embody the Cosmic Ethereal Vitality in their ‘Extremely Tiny Elemental Lives’ to Vitally Manifest, and Enhance, as well as to be Actively Participating as a Part and Parcel of all the Vital Aspects of the Ongoing Evolution having Various ‘Rules and Regulations’ for ‘Vitally Preserving and Cyclically Dissolving’ All Cyclic Involutions and Evolutions, which are Gradually taking place in all the Subjectively and Objectively Manifested 28 Dimensional Worlds, as well as in all their Sub and Branched Zonal Areas of Various Differentiations , which 28 DIMENSIONAL; WORLDS, Having a HIDDEN NUMBER ‘10’ [2 + 8 = 10] of ‘’SANKHYA YOGA’’ [SCIENCE OF JOINING NUMBERS], Mathematically Create a ‘LINE & DOT MATRIX’ [REKHA BINDU PARIPANCHA] through the Continuing Repetition of SAME NUMBERS ‘1’ & ‘0’, thus Formulate the Subjective & Objective Forms of ‘ALL GALAXIES’ [SAMASTHA BRAHMANDA MANDALAS], as well as Form, the Appropriately Needed Proportionate Numbers of ‘’TIME OPENINGS & TIME CHANNELS’’ [KAALA MUKHAS, BLACK HOLES, WORM HOLES, GALAXY & STAR GATES ETC.], in the ‘INVISIBLE ETHEREAL WEB’ [ADRISHYA AKASHIK JAAL], of INFINITE UNIVERSE.

The Great Sage Agathiyar being Himself a ‘Great Holder Conscious Pot’ [Maha Kumbha] of the Divine Illuminated Vital Consciousness, Embodying the ‘Utmost Universal Wisdom’ in his Vital Consciousness, further revealed the ‘Most Important Information’ of the Entire Universe [Brahmanda] to the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that due to the these ‘Three Main Vital Conscious States’ [Triguni Chetna] of the Tiny Elemental Lives, who in their Vital Existences thus Vitally Embody all the ‘Rays of Intellectual Activities’ are the Only Cause of the ‘Trigunatmic Srishti’ [Three Fold Qualities of All Manifested Lives] which prevails in All the Vital Domains of the Manifested Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

Sage Agathiyar further explained that the ‘Satvik or Satva Guna’ [Purest or Truthful Quality] manifested in Entire Universe is due to their Vital ‘Conscious State’, the Rajisik or Rajo Guna [Semi Pure or Truth mixed with Untruth Quality] is due to their ‘Semi-Conscious State’, and the Tamsik or Tamo Guna [Untruthful Quality Totally Lacking the Radiant Spiritual Awareness] is due to their ‘Unconscious State’, and all these Main States of embodied Elemental lives intermixed through innumerable number of Permutations and Combinations vitally effects the ‘Evolving Minds’ [Manas] of All Subjectively [Arupa] and Objectively [Rupa] manifested ‘Vital Conscious Existences’, thus Formulating various Types of Hierarchies to Vitally Exist in their Own Subjective and Objective Groups of ‘Similar Mind Consciousness’, Gradually Evolving through Numerous ‘Cycles of Various Time Durations’, while Vitally Existing in the Parametric Space [Akasha] of their Dimensional Worlds, as well as in all their Sub and Branched Zonal Areas, which are Required as the Designated Places for their ‘Spiritual Evolution’.

In All the Cosmic Rays of Intellectual Activities, Most of their Formulating ‘Elemental Essence Lives’ vitally exist in the ‘Unconscious State’ of Vitality, while Much Lesser Number exist in the ‘Semi-Conscious State’ of Vitality, and in each of ‘The Rays of Intellectual Activity’ only a Very Tiny Handful Number of ‘Elemental Essence Lives’ exist in the ‘Conscious State’ of Vitality, which act as the Hierarchical Leaders in all their ‘3 Main Groups’ as well as in all their Sub Groups of Differentiated Consciousness, and these ‘3 Groups of Elemental Life Essences’ are Collectively known in Universe as the ‘Cosmic Rays of Intellectual Activities’ [Antariksha Karama Nirnatamak Kiranas], which in fact are vitally Composed of these ‘Ray Essence Lives’.

Most of the Information about the ‘Rays of Intellectual Activities’, has been Explained in Great details by the ‘Vaamdeva Mukha’ or the Third face of the ‘Adi Param Shiva’ in the ‘Kiranya Rudra Agama’ [The Fiery Wisdom of the Cosmic Rays].

These ‘Elemental Essence Lives’ [Sookshayam Jeevas] Embodying All the Rays of Intellectual Activities, being Vitally Activated in the Entire Universe [Brahmanda] Perform their Work by interacting ‘Vertically, Horizontally, Diagonally and Angularly’ among themselves due to the Vital Aspects of the ‘Spiral Motion’, then through their ‘Various Permutations and Combinations’ Formulate the ‘Basket Weave Formations’ resulting in the ‘Cosmic Energy Net’ or ‘Cosmic Fabric’ [Antariksha Vastra], giving rise to Various Energy Shapes and Sizes of ‘Cosmic Geometries’, which the Ancient Vedic Seers and Sages Termed as the ‘Kiranmayi Jyotirmay Chetna’ [Geometrical Rays of Consciousness], which has been duly explained in Great Details by the ‘Saddhojata Mukha’ [Face of All Perfections] or the Second Face of the Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’ in the ‘Diptam Shivoagama’.

Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Explained the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the interaction of these ‘Elemental Essence Lives’ Formulating Innumerable ‘Cosmic Geometries of Differentiated Qualities’ [Antariksha Jyotirmaya Gunas] also Cause the Enhancement of the Vital Force of ‘Tapas’ [Radiant Heat], Which is a ‘Basic Vital Aspect’ of the ‘Universal Motherly Force’ known to all the ‘Holders of Exalted Vital Consciousness’ as the ‘’Maha Kala Agni’’ [GREAT FIRE OF UNIVERSAL TIME FACTOR].

This Universal Motherly Force of ‘Maha Kala Agni’ at the very start of the Egg Shaped Infinite Universe [Brahmanda] Originated by the ‘Willed Desire’ [Bhava] of Great Father Lord ‘Adi Param Shiva’, which by Manifesting the Aspect of ‘Tapas’ [Radiant Heat] Respectively starts the ‘Vital Chain Reaction’ Causing All the Differentiated Densities in the ‘One Basic Element’ [Adi Shunya Tatva] of the Entire Infinite Universe [Brahmanda] Which is ‘Cosmic Ethereal Matter’ [Maha Akasha] Embodying all the Unfathomably Huge Parametric Space of Infinite Universe, and this ‘One Basic Element’ [AIKO MOOLA TATVA] Vitally Existing afterwards in its ‘Various Differentiated Ethereal States’ [VIBHINN AKASHIK CHETNA AVASTHA] Since Ancient Times has been Collectively named as the ‘Sookshayam Akasha’ [Rarified Ethereal Space] in Sanskrit by the Exalted Conscious Vedic Seers and Sages.

These ‘Triguni Kiranaya Jeevas’ [Elemental Essence Lives Embodying the Rays of Intellectual Activities having the Three Basic Vital States of Consciousness] through innumerable various Interactions of Permutations and Combinations thus Continuously go on manifesting in the Purely Ethereal matter of the Cosmos those ‘BASIC ELEMENTAL PRODUCTS’, which the Vedic Rishis have termed in Sanskrit as the ‘TATVAS’ [ELEMENTS].

The Hierarchical ‘COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS HOLDERS’ of these Formulated Basic ‘Tatvas’ were named as the ‘VEDIC GODS’ in Vedas by the Exalted Conscious Venerated Seers and Sages of the Ancient Vedic Times and Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further Informed the ‘Tamil Sangam’ that in the Great Dimensional World of Intuitional Wisdom [Maha Loka], the ‘Exalted Conscious Members’ of these ‘Tatva Hierarchies’ named as ‘Indras, Vayu, Agni, Varunas, Mitras’ etc., also reside in Great Numbers after becoming themselves the Recipient Holders of the ‘Required Radiant Consciousness’.

The ‘Exalted Conscious Minds’ of All Vital Existences of this Great World [Maha Loka] being themselves Collectively Existing as The Various Embodiments of ‘Illuminated Intuitional Wisdom’ Continuously Radiate All Aspects of ‘Illumination and Enlightenment’ in All the Formulated Dimensional Worlds [Urdhava and Adho Lokas] as well as in All their Sub and Branched Levels including the Formulated ‘DIMENSIONAL EYES’ [ANKH OR CHAKSHU LOKAS] commonly termed as ‘Zonal Areas of Designated Intellectual Activities’ of Various Cyclic Durations, which are Subjectively and Objectively Manifested in the Parametric Ethereal Space of the Infinite Universe [Brahmanda].

After Explaining the Various Vital Aspects of the ‘Great World of Enlightenment’ [Maha Loka], Sage Agathiyar Continued to explain all the Gathered Seers and Sages of the ‘Tamil Sangam’, Gracefully shedding More Enlightenment and Illumination upon the Intricate details of the Next ‘Three Higher Dimensional Worlds’ [Tritiya Uchhtam Koti Lokas], which being Composed of Relatively lesser Ethereal Densities than the Composition of The Great Dimension of Illuminated Wisdom [Maha Loka], Vitally Exist above the Parametric Domain of the ‘’Maha Loka’ fulfilling their Much Important Roles in the Ongoing Evolution, which has been Set forth in Motion by the Willed Desire of ‘Adi Param Shiva’.

[5] Janana Loka – Sage Agathiyar Further informed the ‘Tamil Sangam’, that the next Higher Dimensional world above the Great Dimensional World of ‘Maha Loka’ was known among the ‘Radiantly Exalted Vital Conscious Existences’ [The Consciousness of Evolving Humanity and Hierarchical Angelic Beings Merged Together in Maha Loka as the ‘One Unit’ of Exalted Consciousness], as the Highest Dimensional World of ‘Brahma Gyanum’, where ‘All the Secrets Pertaining to Creation’ are Gradually Revealed to the All those Members of Exalted Consciousness, who were Liberated from the ‘Dimensional Bondages’ of the Great World of Enlightenment [Maha Loka].

The Dimensional Bondages of Maha Loka were related to the ‘Egoistic Mind of Enlightening Attainments’ wished upon themselves, due to Aspect of ‘Free Will’, by the Exalted Consciousness of the ‘Merged Units’ [Human beings and Angelic Beings Vital Consciousness Finally Merging together to become One Unit of Radiant Exalted Consciousness], which kept Many Such ‘Merged Units’ Vitally Bound in this Great Dimensional World of ‘Maha Loka’, so they can Go On Perfecting the Illuminating ‘Intellectual and Spiritual Knowledge of Intellectual Wisdom’ till they were ‘Ready and Deemed Fit’ to Further Move upon the Ascending Arc of ‘Spiral Motion’, to Vitally Enter the Parametric Space of the Next Higher Dimensional World of ‘Janana Loka’ [Dimensional World of All Creations], whose Lower Sub Levels Vitally Penetrated the Parametric Dimensional Space of the ‘Maha Loka’, creating a ‘Dimensional Eye’ which from the Universal Point of View is Considered as a ‘Separate Dimensional World’ of Universe [Brahmanda], due to the ‘Intermixing of the Ethereal Matter’ of the 2 Differentiated Conscious Dimensional Worlds, and is thus Considered as an ‘Separate Dimensional World’ in the Manifested Group of the 28 Dimensional Worlds.

The Residents of this Interpenetrating ‘World of Dimensional Eye’ Perform their Given Duties of ‘Deciding and Helping’ all the Radiant Exalted Conscious Members of ‘Maha Loka’, who are deemed Fit and Ready to Proceed Further upon the Ascending Arc of ‘Spiral Motion’, so they can Vitally Enter the ‘Higher Dimensional Levels’ of ‘Janana Loka’.

Sage Agathiyar Gracefully Further informed the Seers and Sages of ‘Tamil Sangam’ that this ‘Janana Loka’ due to the Ongoing Performance of All Intellectual Activities Related to the manifestation of All Subjective and Objective Creations has been termed by the Ancient Vedic Seers as the ‘Brahma Loka’ [Dimensional World of Creator Brahma], as well as known as the ‘Dimensional Segment of Creative Works’ [Sharam Khandda] among them.

This ‘Janana Loka’ [Dimension of All Creations] is also known as the ‘Area of Great Salvation’ [Maha Nirvana Kshetra], due to it being a ‘Starting and Ending Point’ for all ‘Vital Conscious Formulations’, Which Return back with an Ultimate ‘Glowing Radiance’ of their ‘Spiritual Attainments’, after Completing Uncountable Cycles of ‘Involutions and Evolutions’ in the Lower Dimensional Worlds, which All have Sub and Branch Levels, each further having ‘Innumerable Zonal Areas’, which all are designated for ‘Cyclic Conscious Expansions’ according to ‘One’s Evolutionary Needs’, so they All can Acquire the Required ‘Spiritual Experiences’.

To Be Continued…

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